Following Your Passion: Bettina Salvador

In line with our promise of providing quality IT and arts education for all filipinos in whatever stage of life they may be, we have a made-to-fit one on one tutorial course for interested learners. Whether you’re up for some advanced lessons or you’re just starting from scratch, our tutorial lessons will be made to fit you.

Bettina Salvador is an economics graduate with a heart for the digital arts. Growing up watching cartoons, she’s always been passionate about creating visual masterpieces. Fast forward to her college years and even though she took up a degree in economics, her heart was still that of an artist.

Upon coming back to the Philippines, Bettina decided to pursue her passion by studying digital painting. Fortunately, she came upon CIIT’s one on one tutorial program. Since she already had a background in what she wanted to learn, she was able to craft her own program of study under Sir Joel Chua. In the days that followed, Bettina took up advanced subjects in digital painting under sir Joel. On her experience here, Bettina says:

“I really learned a lot. Sir Joel was a really good instructor, always calm and guiding. He knew how to pace our sessions even if the whole thing was compressed into around a week’s worth of meetings. I’m really glad that CIIT has this sort of service, I got to take up and focus on the things that I wanted to focus on.”

Sir Joel Chua is an alumnus of the University of the Philippines, Diliman with a degree in Architecture. An artist at heart, he does freelance work as a digital painter for comics, storyboards, and games. His specializations are photoshop, story illustrations, and digital painting, a fitting combination for Bettina’s desired program of study. He is currently taking his Masters in International Business at the De La Salle College of Saint Benilde.

For more information on our one on one tutorial programs, you may call us at 411-1196, leave a comment below, send an e-mail to info@ciit.edu.ph, or message us via our facebook page.





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