BS-computer science

BA-Multimedia Arts & BS-Computer Science Courses Upgraded

Following its BS-Computer Science Program, CIIT is now officially launching its BA-Multimedia Arts Program starting this January 2014! Soon, students can apply for a Bachelor’s Degree in Multimedia Arts or Computer Science and can choose from any of the three specializations:

BA-Multimedia Arts can choose from:

  1. Digital Graphics Design
  2. Video & Motion Graphics
  3. 3D Visualization

BS-Computer Science can choose form:

  1. Software Engineering
  2. Game Development
  3. Network Design

Students are guaranteed with the highest level of education since the school is backed up by the country’s largest and most successful game development firm, Anino Games, which played a major role in developing CIIT’s latest and CHED-approved curriculum possible.

How is the Bachelor’s Degree Program different from the 2.5 Year Diploma Program?

For students who are excited to venture into the working world in the shortest possible time and focus on largely on major course subjects, you may opt for the diploma program. On the other hand, those who want to study a wide-range of subjects and add more core skills can opt for a bachelor’s degree. There are also major subjects in the Bachelor’s Degree program that are not found in the Diploma program.

Computer Architecture, Artificial Intelligence, Automata and Language Theory, Logic Design and Switching Theory, and Digital Electronics.

Can one shift from Diploma to the Bachelor’s Program?

Students who are in the middle of taking a program or have graduated from a program can do both since all courses are ladderized and subjects that were taken previously are credited. Diploma graduates who are ladderizing to a bachelor’s degree can simply complete the additional units required for the Bachelor’s Degree Program.

What is the Double Specialization for the Bachelor’s Degree Program?

Similar to the Dual Specialization for the Diploma, students who opt for a Double Specialization in the Bachelor’s Degree Program can choose two complementary specializations like Video & Motion Graphics + 3D Visualization or Software Engineering + Game Development. The student can therefore gain competencies in basic and advanced programming while being able to use the same competencies to be applied for game programming and development giving him a valuable edge in any company and broaden his career options.

What are the additional major subjects in the Bachelor’s Degree Program that are not found in Diploma Program?

BS-Computer Science Major Subjects

Logic Design and Switching Theory
Digital Electronics
Comparative Programming Languages
Computer Architecture
Compiler Design
Automata and Language Theory
Seminars and Field Trip

BA-Multimedia Arts Major Subjects

Color Theory
Multimedia & Copyright Laws and Ethics
Design and Aesthetics
Advanced Image Manipulation Application
Project Management
Digital Painting
Research Methods
Audio Visual Techniques and Technologies
Portfolio Presentation
Multimedia Business
Multimedia and Society
Seminars and Fieldtrip

Where can one get information about the Bachelor’s Degree Program of CIIT?

Please contact CIIT Philippines at your convenient time. You may call us at 411-1196 or email us at info@ciit-ph.com. You may also add us on Facebook via CIIT Philippines.


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