Art display at Art for Everyone 2019

CIIT SHS Students Exhibit their Masterpieces in Art For Everyone 2019

Art for Everyone 2019 rolled out once again at SM Megamall last August 27 to September 1. If you were too busy with deadlines like most of us, chances are, you also missed the opportunity to see such a spectacular display of the art of student artists, school organizations and non-professional artists. One highlight that all of us surely missed was the wall of artworks of our very own CIIT Senior High School students. For the very first time in four years of Art for Everyone, CIIT showcased the artistry and creativity of our young yet very talented artists.

Joining the exhibit is a milestone for the SHS team, as they get to display the talent and artistry of their students in a larger crowd outside Quezon City. While art exhibitions are usual in school, where students, family, and friends get to witness their artworks, a public exhibit beyond the walls of the school building has never been done before. It was indeed a notable experience, most especially, to the selected students of SHS. The experience gave them the rare opportunity to share their art in a bigger community which is definitely, an achievement for these young artists.

Art for Everyone 2019 Public Display

Thirty-four artworks from 22 selected Senior High School students were showcased in the Art for Everyone 2019 exhibit. These masterpieces are products of their imagination upon being tasked to create an artwork inspired by a particular era. They were also challenged to interpret and demonstrate the characteristics of Impressionism and Expressionism in these paintings. The result of their creativity earned them high distinctions in their collaborative finals for Art History and Visual Perception, and eventually a place to be part of the exhibit at Art for Everyone this year.

On the week of the showcase, some of the participating students also took the time to visit the exhibit to witness their own artworks on display. “I was surprised when I was [told] that I was part of the exhibit, I didn’t expect that my artwork will be selected. I [also] enjoyed the exhibit. I saw lots of amazing artworks that inspired and motivated me more.” says Rainielle Chua, a Grade 12 student whose artworks were also selected for the showcase.

Works of CIIT SHS student at Art for Everyone 2019

There were others who felt anxious at the beginning upon learning that their artworks were selected, like Rantz Yu and Xeon Mariñas. Both of them hinted that upon learning of their selection, the thought of showing to the public their creations was nerve-wracking. Despite this, they were overjoyed to be able to share their work with the public.

The CIIT SHS students who also became part of the exhibit were the following: Richard Lim, Gem Ryan Guerrero, Seth Ocampo, Kamille Aguado, Jodie Dantes, Janna Duran, Jethro Tabugadir, Janina Montemayor, Patricia Nuyles, Patricia Baugbog, Vanessa Mae Exconde, Samantha Galang, Carl Victor Balido, Hanna Ico, Rhaby Ugay, Kyle Grageda, Ysabel Ane Bacurin, Janelle Clarise Velasquez, and Julienne Kyle Geronimo

Ms. Heidi De Leon, SHS Instructor and organizer of the CIIT SHS’s participation in the Art For Everyone 2019 said that the experience is a historical moment for the SHS community. “I am mighty proud of my students’ hard work and dedication for this to be possible. I am certain, this won’t be the last. Maybe, in the near future, with the help of the school, we can come up with our own gallery and highlight all their masterpieces.” Ms. De Leon noted.

Are you an incoming Senior High School student who has an inclination and passion for the arts? Let CIIT help you nurture your artistry and creativity. Experience opportunities such as joining Art For Everyone and let the public witness your skill. If you are interested to be part of the CIITSHS community, call our Admissions Officer at (02) 441-1816 or PM us at CIIT Facebook Page.

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