Agwikasan 2023: Celebrating Filipino Heritage and Student Excellence at CIIT

Agwikasan not only encourages academic excellence but also promotes cultural awareness, creativity, and sportsmanship among our students.

The CIIT Senior High School recently concluded its annual Agwikasan, a vibrant celebration that blends the essence of science (Agham), language (Wika), and sports (Pampalakasan). This year’s event, held from October 16 to 20, 2023, highlighted the Philippines’ unique cultural history and drew inspiration from pre-colonial Philippine leaders such as Urduja, Lakandula, Sikatuna, and Kudarat.

A Week of Diverse Activities

Agwikasan was packed with activities, each designed to foster creativity, teamwork, and sportsmanship among students. The event kicked off with an Existential Radio Horror Drama competition via Zoom, wherein all sections created their original Radio Horror drama and let the whole CIIT Senior High School community listen to it. The event was judged by faculty members including Ms. Nikka Pinero, Ms. Miriam Rana, and Sir Abelardo Aranil. 

The morning session on October 17 witnessed an assembly and parade of the balais at the NBS College Gym. It featured a lively Zumba class led by Indayog (CIIT SHS Dance Club) and the introduction of the teams and coaches. 

Each balai was headed by a team of dedicated faculty members: Balai Urduja was under the guidance of Sir Philip Echevarria, Sir Ariel Ponce, and Ms. Veron Tamayo; Bali Lakandula was led by Ms. Kat Taclan, Sir Leonard Laurio, and Ms. Jasmin Rivera; Balai Sikatuna was steered by Sir Joshua Elevado, Ms. Nicole Ugto, and Ms. Juvi Ausa; and Balai Kudarat was captained by Sir Aeg Ramirez and Nurse Ana Pauligue.

One of the memorable moments was the Virtual Torch Lighting, which demonstrated how competitive and team-oriented everyone was. The students then showed off their artistic skills in a poster and logo presentation competition, judged by Ms. Isha Salic, Ms. Heidi Hije, and Ms. Lheslie Santos.

The event was further enlivened with a mix of traditional and contemporary performances. Highlights included a traditional dance contest for the Grade 11 students, organized by Ms. Kat Taclan. This competition was judged by a panel of experts: Sir Gab Fullon, Sir Abelardo Aranil, and Ms. Hazel Angeles. What’s more, the audience was treated to delightful intermissions by the groups Indayog and Musicateens.

Engaging Competitions and Interactive Sessions

In the afternoon, the students engaged in a variety of traditional Filipino games, collectively known as “Larong Pinoy.” This session featured activities, such as synchronized walking, synchronized jump rope, agawan panyo, Chinese garter, and batuhang bola.

The “Build your Balais” Online Game Tournament, hosted by CIIT’s Game Development Club BYTES on October 18 and streamed on Twitch, heightened the excitement. Participants engaged in an 8-hour challenge to construct their homes in Minecraft.

Another highlight was the “AgSip-Isipan: Sci-Math Olympian,” which was led by Sir Philip Echevarria and Ms. Nicole Ugto. This event featured representatives from each balai engaging in a challenging and intellectually stimulating science and mathematics contest.

The “Tao sa Tao,”, also held on October 18, 2023, at CIIT Senior High Ignacia Place, served as an important historical and cultural learning opportunity for all attendees. Guest speakers Ms. Nilda Fullon and Mr. Al Alegre from the Human Rights Violations Victims’ Memorial Commission (HRVVMC) shared their invaluable experiences during the Martial Law era with the CIIT community. 

Announcement of Winners

October 20 marked the conclusion of Agwikasan, highlighted by the announcement of the winners.

In the Existential Radio Horror Drama, Grade 12 Maya took 1st place, with Grade 11 Pattern and Grade 12 Java following in second and third. The Balai Poster and Logo contest was topped by Lakandula, with Kudarat, Sikatuna, and Urduja in subsequent places. Grade 11 Symmetry won the Traditional Dance Contest. In the Larong Pinoy, Lakanduka claimed the first spot, with Urduja, Sikatuna, and Kudarat not far behind. The AgSip-Isipan: Sci-Math Olympian saw Sikatuna in the lead, followed by Urduja, Kudarat, and Lakandula. The overall scores declared Lakandula as the Champion, with Sikatuna, Urduja, and Kudarat as the first, second, and third runners-up, respectively.

Agwikasan offers our students a platform where they can confidently display their strengths, bravely confront challenges, and exhibit their talents across multiple disciplines. It not only promotes academic success but also cultivates cultural awareness, artistic expression, and sportsmanship.

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