ipod shuffle

A Prince Wins A Shuffle!

Well, not exactly a prince, but equally exciting news was Prince J. Gayares winning of the very coveted iPod Shuffle given away by CIIT last May 7-8, 2011 during the Comic-Con 2011 event held at the SM Megamall Megatrade Hall 2.

During a visit at CIIT to claim his prize, he narrated how he was not really aware of the Comic-Con event that was scheduled that day, but the queue of Cosplayers outside drew his curiosity towards the Trade Hall. Inside, he found much familiarity with CIIT’s booth upon seeing the same

Transformers-inspired Jeep robot attached to numerous buses driving across Metro Manila that once caught his attention.

Being a professional graphic artist and web designer, he submitted his personal information and subscribed to CIIT’s monthly electronic newsletter. Little did he know that besides receiving the latest updates, he’d eventually take home an iPod Shuffle after the raffle draw.

Once again, a big congratulations to Prince Gayares!

For those who are interested in CIIT, we are giving away an even more exciting prize this coming June 30, 2011. Just subscribe to our monthly newsletter and you get the chance to win an iPod Touch 4th Generation!

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