A Look Back at CIIT’s “Sinagtala: Talas ng Sining” Art Week

For aspiring artists, there’s no substitute for learning from the best. That’s exactly what happened at CIIT’s “Sinagtala: Talas ng Sining” art week. This event brought together industry experts who shared their knowledge and experience with students through a series of engaging workshops and talks.


CIIT’s Art Week kicked off with a series of activities and sessions designed to teach students the basics and practical applications of art, design, and conceptualization.

Acrylic Painting

The event began with a figure painting and nude drawing workshop led by Joash Maramara. Students participated in activities to hone their observation skills, later putting their newfound knowledge to the test by drawing from a live model.

Basic Rubbercut Printmaking Workshop

Anton Villaruel and KR Rogers of Pinoyprintmakers Inc. lead a workshop on basic printmaking. They demystified the art form, contrasting it with regular printing by emphasizing its handmade nature and the amount of dedication it requires. Students learned the techniques of rubber printing, particularly in creating their designs before carving them onto rubber canvases and stamping them onto paper.

Gestalt x Adobe: InDesign + Illustrator Hacks Every Young Creative Should Know

The creative fire kept burning with another talk, “Gestalt x Adobe: InDesign + Illustrator Hacks Every Young Creative Should Know.” Special guests from GetCre8ive Corporation shared tricks and techniques students could use to elevate their works using Adobe InDesign and Illustrator.

Concept Art 101: Visual Design” featuring Thor Mangila

The week wrapped up with “Concept Art 101: Visual Design” featuring Thor Mangila, a well-respected expert in layout, comic illustration, painting, and storyboarding. He shared his knowledge and impressive portfolio, providing valuable tips on how artists can refine their craft and create compelling visuals.

Sound Recording for Documentary Films and Reality Shows

On the audio side of things, Henry Philip Liu, a seasoned sound recordist whose credits include Asia’s Next Top Model and Amazing Race Asia, held the talk “Fundamentals of Sound Recording for Documentary Films and Reality Shows.” Highlighting the importance of sound in captivating audiences, Mr. Liu emphasized the technical aspects of capturing clean audio while also acknowledging the creative side of sound design.


CIIT’s student film organization, 24 Frames, launched a series of talks about the different facets of filmmaking called “Sinelektura”.

I Believe I Can Fly: How to Apply to Labs, Pitches, and Festivals

The series opened with “I Believe I Can Fly: How to Apply to Labs, Pitches, and Festivals,” the talk featured “OFWs” (Overseas Film Workers) – CIIT’s very own film instructors Josh Lomahan, Camille Sulit, and Nestor Abrogena – sharing their experiences navigating the exciting but challenging world of international film labs, festivals, and pitches. Their key takeaway is to always have idea decks polished and ready to go.

Everything You Need to Know: An Intimate Discussion Between the Assistant Director and the Production Designer

Following this insightful session, 24 Frames presented “Everything You Need to Know: An Intimate Discussion Between the Assistant Director and the Production Designer.” Assistant Director Ian Villa and Actress Bea Leonardo-Ancero tag-teamed to highlight the crucial role of clear communication for a successful assistant director. They stressed the importance of knowing the right people to talk to and what to discuss and also having the production schedule memorized—all key ingredients for a dedicated assistant director.

The Actor-Director Relationship: A Dialogue with 2022 Cinemalaya Special Jury Prize “Blue Room” 

Keeping the momentum going, 24 Frames continued with Sinelektura’s “The Actor-Director Relationship.” Director Ma-an Asuncion Dagnalan and Actor Alex Vincent Medina explored the dynamic between a film’s guiding light, the director, and the actor who brings the characters to life. They emphasized the importance of a collaborative and trusting relationship, where both parties work together to create an impactful film.

Che Tagyamon: A Retrospective 

The final day of Sinelektura offered a double dose of inspiration. “Che Tagyamon: A Retrospective” featured Director Che Tagyamon, who delved into her films in an insightful discussion. CIITzen Qianna Sanchez described the experience as “a breath of fresh air,” praising the simplicity and storytelling of Direk Che’s films.

World-Class Innovator: Sharleen Sy Elevates Filipino Tales 

Ms. Sharleen Sy, CEO of the Halo Halo app, also took the stage. Ms. Sy, whose career highlights include working with Stan Lee and Warner Bros., introduced students to the app, which aims to make Filipino tales widely recognized as Japanese and Korean narratives. She motivated students, emphasizing the importance of showcasing Filipino stories on a global scale.

Learning from the Masters

By bringing together established professionals with eager students, CIIT provided a platform for invaluable learning and inspiration. The event was a reminder that the best teachers are often those who have walked the path themselves, sharing their hard-earned knowledge and passion with the next generation of creative minds.

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