VMA Winner Figtree Wonders Entry to be Featured on MYX

The winner of the 4th Video Music Awards, Figtree Wonders, will debut in the mainstream as local band UNICO releases their winning entry as the official music video of their single “Alone”. This will be first released nationwide on MYX Channel on February 13. The music video was initially produced for the 2014 VMA which garnered several recognition as Best Music Video, Best Editing, Best Direction and Best Cinematography.

Figtree Wonders consists of Director, Editor and Cinematographer Paulo Gorio, and members Beatriz Leonardo, Lewis Chan and Janine Tan. Shot on a wide camera set-up and edited using Adobe Premier Pro, the concept of the music video features a man who struggles with personal issues like addiction. UNICO also appears in the music video.

Gorio, a second year Multimedia student, is a professional freelance photographer who has worked for GMA 7 among others. He started in CIIT with very little knowledge in videography but later on developed skills in editing and cinematography in the classroom setting through weekly activities in his classes.

Winning the VMA is a stepping stone that opened many opportunities for Figtree Wonders. After UNICO and a second project with them, they will also be working with other bands to produce music videos.

The awarding of the VMA was held on December 18, 2014 at Area 05 in Tomas Morato, Quezon City. Here is a complete list of winners:

Major Awards

  • Best Music Video of 2014 – Figtree Wonders – Unico – Alone
  • First Runner-up – Dreadshack – Know Your Enemy
  • Second Runner-up – Indie Empire – Johnny Boy

Minor Awards

  • Best Cinematography – Figtree Wonders – Alone
  • Best Direction – Figtree Wonders – Alone
  • Best Editing – Figtree Wonders – Alone
  • People’s Choice Award – VJM Production – Ferris Wheel
  • Best in Post Prod/VFX – Team BB – I Can’t Go For That
  • Best Performance in a Music Video – Team Zeus – Run To You

Here is the winning entry of Figtree Wonders for Alone:

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