music and visual arts

Music and Visual Arts: Exploring the Symbiosis of Sound and Image

Music and visual arts are different mediums of art. Both art mediums have characteristics that can evoke emotions.

Music and visual arts are different mediums of art that are usually intertwined. Both art mediums have characteristics that can evoke emotions in their respective audiences. However, in this article, we will talk about the relationship between the two mediums.

Read at the end of the article to get tips for Filipino students studying multimedia arts in the Philippines on how different art forms combine to create a holistic emotional experience.

The Relationship Between Music and Visual Arts

music and visual arts

Different types of art students master art mediums that can help them showcase their creative skills in arts and design. In this case, knowing how to blend various forms effectively has its advantages.

On their own, music and visual arts are powerful tools for expressing the emotions and messages of artists. However, visual arts imagery often inspires musical artists in their composition – such as harsh strokes translate to loud beats. Consequently, music enhances the visual representation of the arts and design.

How Music and Visual Arts Come Together to  Create a Holistic Emotional Experience

music and visual arts

In studying how to learn design, complementing different types can heighten the overall emotional impact on the audience by providing them with a multisensory experience.

Cinematic technique

The perfect example of the symbiosis between these two forms is apparent in the film score and soundtrack. Synchronized timing and appropriate music or sound effects on a particular scene enhance the emotional impact of the audience. It also improves storytelling by providing a richer and more immersive narrative. That being said, the strategic absence of sound creates tension when necessary.

Gaming and Virtual Reality

In gaming, dynamic sound effects elevate the overall gameplay experience of players. It is a necessary component in game development that contributes to the emotional aspect of the arts and design.

Virtual reality is a reflection of the physical reality. Spatial audio is necessary to replicate the experience of being surrounded by sound in the real world. Aside from the direction of sounds, environmental sounds also improve the emotional atmosphere.

Visual Arts in Music

In its most basic sense, visual arts is present in music through album artwork, concert visuals, and stage design. The graphical representation synchronized in the type of music is a multisensory treat to the audience that will elevate their overall experience.

Amplify Your Skills

music and visual arts

Multimedia arts in the Philippines continuously evolve with the innovation of students who discover new ways to learn design. Due to technological advancement, the expansion of the interconnectedness of music and visual arts will persist in the years to come.

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