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Multimedia Storytelling and Its Role in Students’ Learning

An effective way to interact, storytelling stays as a vital tool in learning up to this day. It has grown to become a useful tool in fields such as education and entertainment. If you’re a multimedia arts instructor or professor, you surely want to share what you know in the most effective way. Besides, you want your students to sharpen their artistry while they develop other vital life skills, too. Why not let them do multimedia storytelling? This method can help you advance your goals, more so if you’re teaching at a top multimedia arts school.

How then can you do multimedia storytelling (MMST) well to empower your students? How will this method improve your students’ learning? Find out more while you read.

Top Multimedia Arts School: On Modern Storytelling

Although already in use, many are still unaware of MMST. What then is this storytelling about? How does it differ from the traditional storytelling we know and do?

As its name suggests, MMST is a form of media production or movie that presents a story made from a mix of many elements. These include graphic arts, clips, sound, still photos, animation, texts, and narrative voice. In addition, its final product, a video, comes by way of electronics to tell a story. Further, through this recorded or taped film, you may likewise run a campaign or discuss an idea.

In particular, MMST brings about an idea, a story, and a story arc, among other visual and aural features involved in it. Besides, it will just work well when the multimedia artist considers both the audience and the video’s subject.

The old storytelling method, on the contrary, is just telling or writing a story. Hence, your students may see a great reason to be eager to gain more knowledge today!

How Storytelling Aids in Student Learning

Whether you use storytelling as a medium for teaching or you ask art students to make a modern piece, both will help your learners. So, why is MMST crucial in shaping your learners to become expert multimedia artists?

When a top multimedia arts school uses MMST as an instructional tool:

  • It makes learning more interesting and engaging for the students.
  • It creates digital stories that make immediate and lasting impact that lets learners remember the lesson well.
  • It improves students’ learning, simplifying complex topics well to fit into a program of study.
  • It makes learning in a classroom setting cooler and more practical.
  • It helps students to get a good grasp of the lesson.

When students do arts production for an MMST:

  • It gives them a strong foundation in various literacies such as digital, global, and visual forms.
  • It develops the full spectrum of human literacy skills, including research, writing, technical, presentation, interview, and assessment abilities.
  • It helps improve their social talents such as interview and interpersonal skills.
  • It grows a vital life skill: problem-solving.
  • It lets anyone use technology in the most creative way.
  • It mirrors the old way of writing, which includes brainstorming, planning, creating, revising, editing, and publishing.
  • It allows them to think of their own and their peers’ projects.

Tools for You

Teaching that uses digital storytelling is now gaining ground. Likewise, the rise of modern tools such as digicams, voice recorders, and Windows Movie Maker fuel the rule of MMST.

Today, you can create your own digital storytelling piece using more advanced tools, which include:

  • Xtranormal
  • GlogsterEDU
  • Steller
  • iBooks Author
  • Medium
  • Hatch
  • FrameBlast
  • Shadow Puppet
  • NewHive

Share your outputs by uploading them to video portals such as Vimeo, YouTube, and NetFlix. Further, you may share them, too, via social media platforms and promote them to make viral contents.

Thoughts for You

Digital stories are fun tools for both teaching and learning. Through them, you can help your students become multimedia literate and win a rewarding career.

With technology winning today’s learning approaches, you can say learning now takes in visual literacy. Yet, set your sights on the story and not on the technology itself. As a teacher, take advantage of your students’ growing passion for technology by offering them this effective way of teaching. In the same way, find other means, too, to inspire them and hone their 21st-century skills.

If you wish to pursue a career or to study in this field, enroll in a multimedia school. CIIT, the country’s top multimedia arts school, offers three specializations under Bachelor of Multimedia Arts. Specialized fields are animation, film/video production, and graphic design. The school uses modern facilities and tools, boasts of expert teachers, and follows a career-centered curriculum. For more details on these degrees and other programs, contact CIIT by clicking here.

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