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Multimedia Arts Course: Your Best Option for a Career Shift

For a professional, a career change can be one of your hardest decisions. However, it can also be the wisest one when you do it for the right reasons. If you’re thinking of the creative field, studying a multimedia specialist program can be your fastest and easiest route. Here’s why and how.

Probable Reasons You’re Looking for a Career Change

An article from The Balance says an “average person can expect to change careers at least once in his or her lifetime.” Someday, you may want or need to change careers for various reasons. To justify your decision, here are a few valid reasons shifting to a multimedia arts course is a pat-on-the-back choice!

1. Your life and trends have changed.

Your life when you picked your career then has changed to what you have today. Likewise, your outlook and trends in life have changed and affected your current career choices.

2. Your job outlook on your current field has become poor.

Job outlook is a key factor in keeping your current occupation. If job opportunities in your field now are no longer promising, you may need to find a more stable and in-demand industry.

3. You can’t help but experience job blocks and burnout.

Even a career you once loved can wear you. If a few days of rest or a change in work strategies can’t bring back your old passion for your job, you may already need a new career.

4. Your job drains You.

Stress goes together with work. But if too overwhelming that your health is at stake, maybe you should consider the experts’ advice to have a career change to preserve your mental and physical state.

5. Your work cripples your professional growth.

To do monotonous tasks without the opportunity for advancement can kill your passion. If your career no longer challenges and excites you, better find one that can nurture you.

6. You want to earn more money.

As you age, your needs and priorities also increase. Although a higher pay won’t guarantee job satisfaction, it can help you make a decent, stable living and meet your growing needs.

Why Enroll in a Multimedia Specialist Program at CIIT?

Whatever job you’re holding, your career change plan will thrive if you try the multimedia arts field. This industry promises a brilliant future for career shifters, given the huge demand for videos, animation, and graphic design. Besides an array of careers, most jobs in this field offer an above average salary.

Aside from a strong willpower and a well-written resume, a career change also demands a broad list of transferable skills to land your dream job. If you wish to shift to a creative post but lack the qualifications, studying a multimedia arts program is your first step. This learning opportunity will bridge you to your new career.

Further, enrolling in a multimedia arts school, such as CIIT, can also bring more benefits to people who undergo a career transition. In a few weekends, you can learn the basics to every major aspect of multimedia arts and a certificate to qualify you for your dream job.

CIIT offers a multimedia arts short course designed to fit your busy working schedule. The program has a certain number of modules that lasts for 10-20 Saturdays at 4 hours per session. With this, you need not sacrifice your workload to attend classes. Likewise, you can go to work on weekdays and start your career transition in a few Saturdays—winning the best of both worlds.

As a specialized school, CIIT ensures you’re always at par with the ever-changing visual arts landscape brought by the progress of the digital era. It has two campuses that offer four modules each under the multimedia specialist program.

For the complete details and schedule of our multimedia arts courses in Quezon City and Alabang, you can contact 144-1196 or visit this page.

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