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The Basics of Multimedia Marketing Newbies Should Know

Do you want to venture into multimedia marketing? For marketers and business owners, it can play a big role in building awareness for their brand. If you’re a newbie trying to take on this diverse field, here’s a guide to help you.

What Is Multimedia Marketing?

“Multi” is countless while “media” is the plural form of medium and has the same meaning as forms, channels, and methods. It may sound daunting but multimedia marketing means promoting products or services through countless ways. It uses old means such as radio, newspaper ads, and direct mails and digital channels like email, mobile, and social media.

Why Is Multimedia Content Important to Your Marketing Efforts?

If you’re looking for details on a certain topic, would you read a blog post, watch a video, or view an infographic?

While a few may answer like you, others would choose another one because everyone learns in a different way. It’s the reason firms shouldn’t keep themselves to just one content form such as blogs.

Not only can the brain grasp graphic details easier than written information, it’s also hard to get your customers to notice you or your product. With these issues, multimedia content offers a great means for a brand or product to grab would-be clients’ attention.

Multimedia Marketing Trends for Business

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1. Photo Sharing

Take advantage of online groups whose main purpose is to upload and share photos on the Web. You can try tactics and apps such as TweetPhoto to offer real-time incentives and Flickr to join like-minded groups.

2. Video Hosting and Webcasting

Since more people are now into video streaming, you can exploit it for hosting and webcasting. When done the right way, they can be useful tools and can help you build your presence on the web. In fact, you can use videos to guide clients on how to use your product, amuse your customers, and offer them unique services such as live streaming an event.

 3. Podcasting

Podcasts or audio contents are becoming a trendy marketing tool because most people find them easy to consume. You can discuss products, services, the industry, technical and management issues, or any topic relevant to your brand or business.

 4. Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is one of the oldest multimedia trends in this list, but it’s not lagging in terms of efficiency. SMS (short message service), MMS (multimedia messaging service), and mobile ads are a few of the most famous and most useful tools for this form of campaign.

Learning More at a Multimedia Arts School

Your target market may need varied tactics and you’ll need powerful and unique ways to get their attention. Since you can’t learn every part of multimedia marketing from reading, enrolling in schools such as CIIT makes it easy to join and succeed in this field. For more details on our multimedia arts course, visit this page.

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