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Choosing a Multimedia Arts Major for a More Lucrative Career

Ever wondered how you can produce art while making it your means to earn a living? To help you secure a career in multimedia arts, arm yourself with a rewarding education. With that, take up a multimedia course for a worthwhile journey in this field.

Multimedia Arts Subjects and Fields to Choose From

You may ask: What is a multimedia course? At CIIT Philippines, this course aims to help and make students stand out in their chosen field. Further, this course is designed not only to hone their talents but also to foster critical thinking and diversify their skills.

So, what are the subjects in multimedia? Under each field, here are the CIIT multimedia arts course subjects you may consider taking.


A photo of a Mickey Mouse figure for stop motion animation in a multimedia course

This focuses on 2D and 3D characters, settings, and action sequences. Also, it trains you to design and produce visual media.

Subjects to take up:

  • Digital Storyboarding. Learn how to tell stories of animated cartoons, illustrate scripts, plan shots, show actions, and maintain continuity between the scenes.
  • Stop-Motion Animation. Create 2D and 3D puppets and sets, plan and create their movements, and form with sounds, lights, and cameras to do sequences.
  • Acting for Animation. Craft performances that can make your audience sense as if the character isn’t only alive and moving but is also relatable with thoughts and feelings.
  • Advanced 3D Animation. Learn advanced modeling, rigging, lighting, rendering, and dynamic particles and cloth simulation to hone your skills or add to your art portfolio.

Film and Video Production

A videographer operating a camera for film and video production

On the other hand, this field is designed for those who wish to learn and apply the principles of cinematography and video editing. Further, this tackles concepts that lead to careers in media production.

Subjects to take up:

  • Writing for Film and Television. Create ideas, write catchy loglines and plot synopses, flesh out characters, arrange the story, create a gripping narrative, and collate it in an expert script.
  • Acting and Directing for Film. Plan and create the look of a film, make script changes, and choose shoot locations. Also, learn how to complete costume and set designs, approve special effects, and provide coaching to actors.
  • Documentary Film. Learn how to write, direct, and produce non-fiction films. Likewise, learn the concepts and practices of videography, editing, research techniques, and film production.
  • Cinematography. Make choices that affect lighting, camera motion, shot color, field depth, and scene composition on actor positioning, zoom, lens usage, and techniques.

Graphic Design

A graphic designer’s essentials on a desk for a multimedia course task

Lastly, this field is for students who aim to learn how to balance words, icons, colors, and perspectives to create pleasing images or promotional materials.

Subjects to take up:

  • Motion Graphics. Layer and combine videos, add effects to your clips, and design motion graphics such as title sequences, lower thirds, and texts.
  • 3D and 4D Graphics. Create 3D and 4D visual images that send messages to your target audience.
  • Fashion Graphics. Share your ideas, hone your skills, and gain a strong knowledge of the fashion industry practice and interactive media.
  • Brand and Packaging Design. Choose a form that conveys the brand and create a unique design that reflects it and makes it stand out from the rest.

Multimedia Arts Jobs for Multimedia Course Graduates

Due to the progress and breaks brought by the modern age, creatives now have the perks of working almost anywhere with their wide range of multimedia skills.

That said, what jobs are in multimedia? Here are some of the jobs you may land in this field.

Animation Jobs

  • 3D animator
  • 3D modeler
  • Flash animator
  • Stop-motion animator
  • Animation director
  • Cartoonist
  • Storyboard artist

Jobs in Film and Video Production

  • Video editor
  • Camera operator
  • Videographer
  • Film director
  • Music producer
  • Floor director
  • TV, film, video producer

Graphic Design Job Posts

  • Art director
  • Creative director
  • Graphic designer
  • Illustrator
  • Concept artist
  • VFX artist
  • Artworker

Enroll in a CIIT Multimedia Course in the Philippines Now

Forging a career in the world of creatives requires skills and practice. Just as it is with any field, you need to be armed with a background that’s helpful for you to succeed in your career.

CIIT Philippines, the top multimedia arts school in Quezon City, offers a bachelor of multimedia arts degree for budding artists. What are you waiting for? Contact CIIT now and be part of our family! You may also go to CIIT Alabang or CIIT Kamuning for more queries on how you can enroll for this course. Otherwise, you may browse through the CIIT admission process now or download our college application form.

Lastly, do you want to take up a short course in this field? Then check out our CIIT multimedia specialist short course! To inquire, fill out the multimedia arts course form now.

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