Multimedia Arts Workshop: Perks You Should Not Miss

It’s summer! Are you in your room, scrolling through your social media for a long time, looking for a way to occupy your free time? To quote from Disney’s Phineas and Ferb, “I know what we’re going to do today!”, instead of watching flicks, or chatting up with friends, why don’t you try learning something new this summer? Attend a Multimedia Arts workshop! Don’t worry, it’s not your usual summer classes, it’s your gateway to things awesome more than you can imagine. Read on how Multimedia Arts is not only fun, but can also contribute to your coolness meter.

The Advantages of Multimedia Arts Workshop

Did you know that Multimedia Arts play a very important role in your life? Whenever you share photos, see graphics, watch video clips and animation, you get to be involved in the world of Multimedia Arts. However, since almost everybody today is in the digital world, how could you make yourself rise above the others? Consider these benefits of a Multimedia Arts specialist course.

Technology Is Here to Stay.

Ferb in the episode, “Lights, Candace, Action!” said, “The Internet is forever!”
As a Gen Z’er, have you ever experienced a time without internet? Did you count the seconds, refreshing your browser several times? The chances of you facing it could be slim to none. With your access to information, you may share your ideas through the internet. If you attend a Multimedia Arts short course, you can design your content for it to standout. Just imagine, Ferb hardly says anything, but he still created cool devices with Phineas.

Career Edge.

It’s never too early to think of your career. Honing your skills this early will improve your craft better. When you enroll in a Multimedia Arts school in Quezon City for the summer, you will have the career edge among others looking for the same job. If you book into a Multimedia Arts workshop, you will own skills others might not have.

Personality Development.

“Ooh, ooh, I’m telling Mom!” How many times have you heard Candice say this line in each episode? If you find snags when you create videos and photo edits, don’t go running to Mom. Join our Multimedia Arts workshop to learn how to express yourself through multimedia.

multimedia arts workshop summer class with mouse monitor and hand

How Will CIIT Help You Achieve Your Dream?

Here at CIIT, your dreams matter. That’s why upon your enrollment, here’s how the classes can help you cope with the trends in Multimedia Arts.


The 2018 Photography Trends aim to capture human growth, nature, travel, and gender fluidity. With Adobe Photoshop and LightRoom, enhance your images to more than photos, but into works of art.

Photo Editing

In this module, communicate your theme to establish your branding through Photoshop. In this year’s trend, fantasy directs the mind of the people. Through this Multimedia Arts workshop, entice your audience to escape their world, even if temporarily.

Video Editing

Through the skills you’ll learn in Adobe Premiere Pro and AfterEffects, you could weave a story of your own. Just invite your friends to act a skit, or if you prefer real-time content, head to the nearest concert or event. Post gifs or publish it square-shaped in line with the video trends this year!

Digital Illustration and Page Design

Are you more into words, newsletters, and typesetting? Part of the Multimedia Arts workshop involves learning Adobe Illustration and InDesign. This way, you can communicate your travel stories, word arts, and vectors cohesively.

“Oh there you are, Perry.” After the end of each adventure, you always reach new heights. Just as Phineas and Ferb celebrated S’Winter from the first episode to creating the last Do-Over-inator on the last, your talents don’t have limits. Enroll now!

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