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Multimedia Arts School: What’s in Store for Freelancers?

Though an office job is more stable and promising for multimedia artists, many choose to do freelance work. They believe it is more flexible, less stressful, economical, and family-friendly. When they work from home, they can avoid traffic and long commutes and spend more time with their families and loved ones.

Students of multimedia arts schools can explore several career choices after graduation. They can decide to work from home, apply for a job in a firm, or do both. But should they decide to work on their own, what opportunities will they get? Will the future be bright for freelance multimedia artists?

Career Options

Unlike other programs, multimedia arts courses offer graduates boundless breaks. If you are among them, you can choose from a variety of career posts and get the chance to earn higher income. You can use and apply your knowledge and skills in various fields such as:

  • Advertising
  • Education
  • Journalism
  • Science and Research
  • Medicine
  • Architecture and Engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Game Development
  • Entertainment and Film

If you are planning to work as a self-employed multimedia artist, you can get a job as a freelance graphic designer, animator, video editor, or production artist. You can setup your own home office and communicate with clients via phone, online video calls, or e-mail. Below are examples of jobs that you can do at home:

  • Create special effects or a series of pictures to form animation for computer games, movies, and TV programs.
  • Develop storyboards to present a series of scenes in a comic strip.
  • Give guidelines for the placement of cameras and actors and other production details for TV or motion picture sets.
  • Create 2D or 3D model designs using modeling programs.
Key to a Successful Homebased Job

Yes, working from home has its rewards but to compete with the big firms you should have the knowledge and skills required by clients. A bachelor’s degree can be your entry to a rewarding job in multimedia. As such, you must find a school that will prepare you well in this field.

CIIT Philippines, a leading multimedia arts school in the Philippines, can groom you to become highly skilled in both creative and technical fields. Its Bachelor of Multimedia Arts degree offers two specializations:

1. 3D Visualization

3D graphic artists are one of the most sought-after and highly paid professionals in the creative industry today. If you desire to become one, CIIT can train you in all aspects of 3D art, from designing human models to creating special effects and animation.

2. Video and Motion Graphics

Whether you choose to work from home or for firms, CIIT will train you with the latest software and tools that will help you perfect your video and motion graphics skills.

To learn more about this multimedia arts school, visit www.ciit-ph.com or contact (+632) 411.1196, (+632) 413.1139, and (+632) 416.1104. You may also forward your questions to info@ciit-ph.com.