Multimedia Arts School

Multimedia Arts School and Its Role in the Automotive Industry

How do you choose the car you buy? Do you simply read on the specifications or do you make sure you see and drive it yourself first? Sure, it is not enough that you imagine the car’s features based only on the details you read on a piece of paper. To better appreciate and learn the product more, you demand an actual image or get a real-life representation of the actual vehicle.

Good thing, technology has made things possible for the automotive industry. Through 3D visualization, customers get to view the product better and experience its benefits as if they’re driving their dream car themselves.

What It Does

In computer graphics, 3D visualization is a modern process of creating graphics and clips to make them look real. Its purpose is to let viewers feel that they are on the actual place or scene. It involves thorough rendering, special effects, and advanced animation techniques to give a sense of depth to a piece of art. The best thing about it is that it helps anyone and any business to convey a message that is much easier to grasp than any other content format.

So, what are the roles of 3D visualization to the automotive industry? These are just few of them:

  • It speeds up value chain and makes product development run smoothly. With it, an auto firm can expedite the process of adding value to the product with the help of lifelike digital models.
  • 3D visualization software allows designers and engineers to make product presentations. This leads to a swift grasp of the product. Hence, businesses can use them to sway people’s buying decision.
  • It helps improve collaboration, learning, and speed. 3D visualization models can serve as means to sift through large volumes of too complex data.
Good Career Options

Learning 3D visualization is fun. It may not only deepen your art skills and craft but also give you a bright future ahead.

Enroll at CIIT and take Bachelor of Multimedia Arts major in 3D visualization. Once you complete the course and earn the degree, you will become a 3D artist or 3D game artist. These are two of the most in-demand jobs among digital experts. As firms get the most out of this trend, strike while the iron is hot.

The multimedia arts school will help you further develop your skills toward changing the future of the automotive field.

For more info about the course, you may visit CIIT-Philippines’ web site at www.ciit-ph.com or send an e-mail to info@ciit-ph.com.