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Multimedia Arts – Philippines: Story behind Captured Moments

I have always dreamed of becoming a photographer. I am amazed on how a captured image preserves a moment, a memory, and a story.

My enthusiasm with photography started in high school. Our Arts class teacher asked us to submit a photo of “anything” as a project requirement. Though I was puzzled with what to do, I was excited to become a member of the paparazzi even just for a day. So, I grabbed the camera and took a photo of anything and everything. I took shots of my mom, my best friend, my dog, the school cafeteria, and almost anyone that I came across with. Well, I really had fun. For me, it was more of fulfilling a dream than completing a task.

After taking shots of familiar faces as well as strangers, I compiled all the images from my camera. Well, some photos were impressive, while the others just looked fine. Though it was just a project requirement, I wanted to make sure that I will get a compelling grade for it. After all, it was a fruit of hard work and intense effort.

As expected, I had a difficult time choosing which photo to submit. My first choice was a silhouette image of my mom.I was not being biased, but a woman’s figure, its curve, had always been a great form and subject of art.

Another picture that caught my attention was an image of a child. The innocence in her eyes reminded me of how it felt like to be carefree and happy.Also, an image of a father carrying a child on his shoulder melted my heart. It simply told me that childhood is truly a precious and priceless moment. See? Those were a lot of stories.

Finally, with almost hundreds of images, I submitted the photo of a father and child. I chose the picture not only because of its touching message but also for its visual impact. Its subject, colors, and lightings just fell perfectly. With just few editing and final touches, voila! It was shot like a pro. Indeed, it was one of the most memorable projects I had in high school. Besides a compelling grade, it was also a big thing that my work was appreciated and recognized.

Today, I am pursuing my dreams of becoming a professional photographer. Currently, I am a second year Multimedia Arts student at CIIT in the Philippines. So far, I can say that I am learning more than what I expected. Besides affordable training, CIIT also provides short courses training to enthusiasts who want to improve their skills in digital arts, web design, 3d animation, video editing and special effects, and game programming.

Every day, I am looking forward to advance my skills in using cameras and computer imaging software. For me, CIIT is not only a learning institution that provides quality education, but also a haven for equally talented individuals and hobbyists. Indeed, it is a perfect place for aspiring artists and professionals who are aiming to take greater heights in their careers.

If you are enthused in photography and other multimedia arts courses, you may visit ciit-ph.com.

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