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Multimedia Arts in the Philippines: Why Passion Is Not Enough

It’s really amazing how photographers immortalize captured moments. I am impressed with the way they give depth and meaning to images of people, events, place, and things. And so, I can’t imagine how life would have been without photographs and photographers who can bring back memories, feelings, and moments.

Photography has always been my passion. I love taking pictures of anything. I capture photos of my cats, my sister, street views, and/or anything that catches my attention. Though for me it’s only a hobby, there is a sense of fulfillment every time my friends and family appreciate my work. I know that it’s their way of telling me to live my dreams and to pursue my desire to  become one of the most famous photographers in the country.

But passion, per se, isn’t enough. As an aspiring photographer, I still need to learn a lot of things. I believe that my passion should go beyond having fancy cameras with multiple lenses. Besides preserving captured moments, I know that I am also capable of touching someone’s soul, emotion, and imagination. Therefore, I have to continuously grow, learn, and cultivate new techniques on how to improve my craft.

Besides having keen eyes, enthusiasm, and love for interesting objects, I must admit that I don’t know everything about photography yet. Though I can say that my shots are good enough, I know I can still improve my works. I believe that learning different techniques will allow me to excel in this field. Yes. Everything I’ve learned about photography are from friends, books, and tutorials. But as technology advances, using photo apps has also become more challenging. Thus, photo sharing sites allowing users to enhance and/or edit photos in no time make it difficult for us to distinguish a mediocre from a professional photographer.

I am determined to learn the ins and outs of photography; and there’s no better way to achieve my goals than to go back to school. Realizing that it’s something that can’t wait, I enrolled at CIIT, a top- notch IT and multimedia arts school in the Philippines.

Besides state-of-the-art facilities, what I find most interesting about CIIT are their tailored courses. The school provides a double diploma program that allows students to combine complimentary subjects under the same faculty. For instance, I can integrate multimedia arts and 3D animation to have the expertise both in photography and motion graphics. Moreover, it also provides advanced subjects in portrait and outdoor photography. This is really interesting.

Apparently, CIIT is the school of my dreams. Its cutting-edge tools and software allow me to maximize my ideas in photography. I am looking forward to taking my passion to the next level by learning its principles, processes, and technicalities. With CIIT, I know that my dreams will become a reality.

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