Multimedia Arts Philippines Business Ideas for Young Entrepreneurs

Turning Passion into Profit: Art Business Ideas for Grads of Multimedia Arts Philippines

There’s no money in arts. This is the misconception of some people when we talk about choosing art-related courses in college. However, don’t be disheartened by these hearsay. Instead of setting aside your passion, take this remark as a challenge. Use your creativity to start your own business. With this, here are 5 art business ideas for grads of multimedia arts Philippines which you can try today.

Multimedia Arts Philippines: Start-up Business Ideas for Multimedia Artists

Events Photography and Video Coverage

A great start-up business for multimedia arts Philippines graduates is events photography and video coverage.

Do you have the passion for taking photos and videos? Then multimedia arts business is for you. With quality camera and a great eye for angles, you can try out this venture! Taking short courses in photo and video editing will also give you extra points since same-day-edit services are in-demand right now. Basic wedding packages may cost for around PHP 35,000—PHP 75,000. Thus, this is a great bet if you want to save up money for new camera gears.


A great start-up business for multimedia arts Philippines graduates is blogging or vlogging.

The rising popularity of social media scene brought us limitless chances. This career is the embodiment of getting paid while having fun. If you’re someone who loves to share stories and latest trends online, then you must try this out. According to Entrepreneur Philippines, low-tier bloggers could earn few thousands and could go up to PHP 300,000 depending on the number of ads. Improve your vlogs with the help of video-editing tricks to making professional-looking videos.

Sticker/Pins Making

A great start-up business for multimedia arts Philippines graduates is sticker or pins making.

Stickers and pins with witty designs are on trend right now. Use your fancy ideas and humor to create unique designs which you can sell online. You can also join events such as Art Fairs and Art Markets to meet other artists and expand your knowledge in this craft.

Calligraphy Business

A great start-up business for multimedia arts Philippines graduates is calligraphy business.

Are you one of those students who love to doodle at the back of notebooks? Turn your doodles into business. Use your pens and papers to make cards and invitations for events. This start-up is great for fresh grads since it needs small capital. Master your skill by reading hand lettering tips and practicing your craft often.

T-Shirt Design/Printing

A great start-up business for multimedia arts Philippines graduates is shirt printing.

Statement and printed shirts are a hit right now. Hence, the demand for t-shirt design and/or printing service is no longer seasonal. With the needed materials, along with your talent, you can create customized shirt designs for countless events. These include outings, reunions, election campaigns, social drives, and other activities.

Which of these ideas match your passion and dream venture? Whichever it is, studying multimedia arts course can give you the best foundation for your future pursuits. The course will help you perfect the tasks involved in reaching the highest quality of product and service for clients.

Not an MMA student? Don’t worry! You can take summer workshops and short courses. Enroll now at CIIT, a top multimedia arts school in the Philippines. We offer diploma program in Visual Arts and Design to equip students in their chosen business or career. Likewise, we offer multimedia arts specialist course in four modules. Contact us for more details on these programs.

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