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What Multimedia Arts Schools Should Know about Millennials

Millennials, or those born between 1980 and 2004, constitute the chief part of today’s student and working-age population. Most marketing gurus describe this age group as the “generation molded by technology” as their lives revolved around computers, cellphones, and other state-of-the-art gadgets.

Though a lot of schools in the country today offer modern courses for Millennials, a vast majority of them still fail to meet the needs and wants of this generation. Many of the Baby Boomer and Gen X teachers struggle to engage with their learners and flunk at attracting their students’ interests.

Are multimedia arts schools in the Philippines ready to catch up with this age group? Here are five things every college and faculty should know about them.

1. They want a variety of choices.

Millennials are brought up in an environment with a wide array of choices and they expect it to stay the same even at school. They crave for full control so they want to do things on their own. If schools want to keep up with them, they should offer more learning options and more courses or programs for their students to choose from.

2. They prefer learning by doing.

Most Millennials find their usual lectures boring because they prefer to learn through interaction. Their lives revolve around online games and simulations where they can test what works and what does not. If colleges want to keep pace with their Millennial learners, they should support active learning. Programs should include case studies, experiments, hands-on activities, and simulations that will speed up their students’ learning while keeping their interest.

3. They are digital natives.

Millennials adapt faster to the latest technologies and Internet services than any other generation because they have always had them. They constantly look for convenience, flexibility, and high-speed connection. Thus, if schools want to attract their short attention span, they must always boost their facilities with the latest advancements and digital service options.

4. They are prolific communicators.

This age group often communicates with their families and friends digitally through texts and their social media accounts. They want to remain in constant touch wherever and whenever, untethered. To keep up with them, colleges must give a quick response, anytime, anywhere, through their desired communication channels. It will also be helpful if they give students the chance to access their grades, course schedules, and other info through an online school portal.

5. They love multitasking.

As they are often practical and time-conscious, Millennials want to get various things done at once whenever possible. Some of them don’t mind working and taking their master’s degree at the same time. So schools, these days, must offer flexible courses and schedules that will give working Millennials the opportunity to maximize their time well. It will also be great if they can offer ladderized programs to add up to their choices.

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