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8 Must-Haves for Multimedia Arts College Students

For most Multimedia Arts college students, Multimedia Arts, as cliché as it sounds, is like a roller-coaster ride. Multimedia Arts practitioners brave every road to breathe art well. Your “artsy” side may want to draw you to the challenges of the Multimedia Arts course. As 2018 unfolds, we wait for the senior high school program to produce its first batch of graduates. This means we hope to have a new batch of college students to enroll and dare to kick-start their careers.

College life is no joke when you’re already halfway and thinking if you must continue or change careers. Hence, it’s vital to pick the right course. Check the flow of every course with your skills, so you can tell your success. Student life is a crucial part in shaping your career. You’ll face real-life challenges that will make you a stronger person. Thus, to survive in the Multimedia Arts course, note these eight must-haves in your “Starter Pack”.

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Ultimate Starter Pack for Multimedia Arts College Students

Drawing Tools

Every Multimedia Arts student knows how paramount drawing tools. They know pencil and paper alone can’t make them pass any art class. Traditional art mandates students to use a wide range of tools to hone their expertise in every medium. From top-rated sketchpad, pricey watercolors, pencils, and brushes, to special kneaded erasers, these art materials gauge the strengths and weaknesses of every student in expressing art. Although Multimedia Arts college students are not the only ones to have these in their bags, most can relate how heavy these for their back and their wallet.


This material is every student’s must-have in college. You must have an easy-to-carry binder to keep all your notes and boost your study habit. Unlike senior high school, college is more fast-paced. Thus, keep everything intact.


Another staple for most Multimedia Arts college students is a laptop. You’ll often see them carry them everywhere. However, they don’t mean to be active on social media 24/7. In fact, most of them are busy editing videos, creating layouts, and finishing projects.

Digital Single Lens Reflector (DSLR) Camera and Tripod

For all Multimedia Arts college students, having a Digital Single Lens Reflector (DSLR) camera and a tripod is important especially for photography classes. When you bump into students with DSLR cameras hanging on their neck, they’re probably up to some photo or video shoots.

Flash and External Hard Drives

Multimedia arts dwell into the best of both worlds—traditional and digital. Every college student needs to own a flash drive to store and back-up files, projects, 3D animation tasks, and other media documents. In addition, you can’t always borrow from your friends. Multimedia Arts college students need a larger space in their drive to store all their outputs.

Movies and T.V. Series

To squeeze out creative juices, most Multimedia Arts students soak themselves in films and T.V. series. They believe movies and series form logical ideas and develop analytical skills. You’ll often see them glued to their laptops and phones, with subtitles on, watching flicks.

Water, Umbrella, and Grooming Kit

As a college student, you must carry a water bottle with you all the time to keep you hydrated. In addition, a starter pack also includes an umbrella. You can’t afford to miss any of your subjects, so you must protect yourself from weather changes. On another note, you must slip a grooming kit into your bag to retouch and refresh during breaks. You must always look good.


This tool is every Multimedia Arts student’s need. You must listen when editing or creating a video. Multimedia Arts students’ use earphones to edit and render videos. Also, they sometimes space out to reflect, and they enjoy music blasting from their earphones. In the same way, millennials use them to kill boring vacant hours.

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Where to Study Multimedia Arts Course in the Philippines

If you’re looking for the best Multimedia Arts school to pursue your dream, CIIT can serve your needs. With its high quality and industry-based teaching, it can arm you with basic and advanced knowledge. CIIT will let you learn Multimedia Arts with its improved programs and state-of-the-art facilities to keep up with the multimedia trends.

This Multimedia Arts college students’ starter pack includes a few of the basics you may already own. Hence, you’re a step closer to succeeding in college.

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