What It’s Like to Be a Multimedia Arts Student

As an arts buff who wants to take up a multimedia arts course, you must know what students face in this field. In the same way, understanding them will get you ready for the challenges ahead and help you outdo or shun them. Below are few of the real struggles only art students can relate to, making their multimedia arts college experience dull but useful to consider.

When Multimedia Arts College Experience Becomes Challenging

1. Discouragements surround you.
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Of the college programs, art courses seem the most unappreciated. You seldom hear people praise you for taking the course.  Instead, they belittle it and view it as a lot of drawing activities. Sometimes, others who aren’t into art roll their eyes or say something ridiculous such as “Can you draw me?” and “So, you can paint.” Further, many non-art people worry about how you’ll make money after completing your degree or course.

2. People don’t take your course seriously.
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One sad experience art majors face is the shame they go through when they talk of their course. As a multimedia arts student, you know your course is hard to describe. You realize, too, that most people don’t find it interesting. Then again, no matter how well you explain your choice, others don’t listen at all.

3. Your idea appears “perfect” but still “vague.”

Expect non-art students to ask about your project, wanting to learn where you got your idea and how you did it. Hence, be ready to get negative comments such as your piece ‘sends no message’. Yes, no matter how stunning and vibrant your artwork is, others may find it bland or meaningless. Even more “hurting” is when you get blank stares as you explain it, and they can’t appreciate your work.

4. Issues on supplies and tools exist.
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Known for their “special” set of tools, existing and would-be multimedia artists bear the many issues on supplies. First, their soaring prices worry most students and their parents. Multimedia arts students can’t almost afford the costs of modern gadgets and textbooks. For practicing artists, earnings come more as “disposable” income because they must spend them on materials for the next project. Hence, many artists and art students turn to recycling to save on costs. Second is the size of supplies. Students must carry sizable tools, art portfolio, and masterpieces to the campus and classrooms and from their dorms or homes. Third, lack of storage poses a problem, too, for those with big art tools if they can afford to rent only a tiny space.

5. Cleanliness is hard, if not impossible, to achieve.
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Paints, chemicals, and harsh materials are basic needs for learning traditional arts. They soil hands, stain shirts, and mess studios. Now, the course further asks students to buy books, writing materials, sketchpads, camera, tablet, laptop, disks, flash drives, software installers, etc. Thus, with these tools they use to create products of 3D visualization and motion graphics, you can tell why their tables are messy.

6. All-nighter often happens.
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Multimedia arts is never an easy course and so are classroom projects that sometimes prompt learners to stay up late at night. Yes, pulling an all-nighter has become a habit for multimedia arts students. As a result, they have to sacrifice their health just to meet the set deadline for the project, which professors often extend to a later date.

These experiences show the struggles of a multimedia arts student. You’ll find them both fulfilling and challenging at the same time. Hence, you must be firm with and focused on your passion to beat such odds. With these struggles at hand, find a college that supports and values your passion.

As with other programs, multimedia arts is complex. Yet enrolling in a premier digital art school will make learning easy for you. Top multimedia arts college in the Philippines, CIIT, vows to make your multimedia arts college experience worthwhile with the most effective learning techniques. The school offers multimedia arts courses that come in bachelor degrees and short courses. In particular, CIIT’s Bachelor of Multimedia Arts focuses on 3D visualization and video and motion graphics, with several fields of specialization. Its multimedia specialist course comes in four modules: photography, photo editing, video editing and special effects, and digital illustration and page design. As a learning institution, it has forged ties with Anino Games and the Game Developers Association of the Philippines.

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