Meet Ms. Portia Placino, Arts Educator and Writer

In an era dominated by advancing technology, art remains a steadfast pillar of expression and understanding. Meet Ms. Portia Placino, a devoted Arts Educator and Writer. Her lifelong passion for the arts was complemented by a serendipitous discovery of her love for teaching. And this journey of self-exploration ultimately brought her to CIIT, where she now imparts her knowledge and enthusiasm.

Diving deeper into the world of arts and culture, Ms. Portia’s portfolio is enriched with writing, research, and teaching. She has even contributed to renowned publications such as ArtAsiaPacific, ArtReview Asia, Art+, and Spot.ph, to name a few.

As a teacher of Art History and New Media Culture, Ms. Portia truly believes that these subjects are important in the art world. For her, art history helps us understand the journey and meaning of art, showing us both our collective and personal stories. New media culture, on the other hand, gives us a way to look at how the internet and today’s technologies are shaping our world.

So far, Ms. Portia’s experience at CIIT has been nothing but great. She is blessed with talented students who are not only open to learning but also delightful partners in the artistic journey. In fact, their shared love of the arts is what brings them together in this quest for creation and expression.

Ms. Portia is deeply honored to have been awarded the Purita Kalaw Ledesma Prizes for Art Criticism through the Ateneo Art Awards and Ateneo Art Gallery. This recognition not only opened doors for her but also paved the way for more opportunities to write about art.

Of course, beyond accolades and the privilege of applying these teachings in real life, seeing her students understand complex ideas, dive into deep discussions, and present their research with enthusiasm gives her immense joy and satisfaction.

Ms. Portia’s work week mirrors many teachers. She enjoys her morning coffee, prepares a delightful breakfast, and dedicates time to writing and prepping. When she’s not teaching, she engages in art writing and criticism—a practice she believes is instrumental in elevating the national arts landscape. 

So, if you’re a student with a passion for the arts or dreaming of making a significant impact in the art scene, here’s Ms. Portia’s advice: “Keep going and do your best to contribute to Philippine art and society.”

Despite her packed schedule, Ms. Portia prioritizes quality moments with her family and friends. On weekends and holidays, she refreshes her spirit by visiting museums and galleries, playing Magic: The Gathering with friends, or embracing new adventures.

Whenever she can steal a moment, Ms. Portia indulges her passion for travel. She has fond memories of backpacking solo across Asia and Europe, where she discovered diverse cultures and people and uncovered layers of herself.

With her deep love for culture and the arts, Ms. Portia found the perfect haven in CIIT, an institution where like-minded enthusiasts and creatives come together. Here, seasoned educators harness the vibrant enthusiasm and fresh perspectives of their students—and Ms. Portia is delighted to be a part of this dynamic team.

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