Ms. Kristine C. Dipalac, Physical Education Coordinator

Meet Ms. Kristine C. Dipalac, a dedicated Physical Education Coodinator with nearly 13 years of experience. She’s been recognized with the Punctuality Award and as an Annual Excellent Awardee at CIIT. However, awards are just part of the story. What truly drives her is the profound impact she has on her students, making every teaching moment invaluable. It’s moments like when a student shared that he went back on track with his healthy routine after her class. Some have given up bad habits, while others have found new sports skills after a recent Sportsfest.

This only goes without saying that Ms. Kristine’s influence extends beyond the classroom. She plays a vital role in the holistic development of students, guiding them towards active and health-conscious lifestyles.

As a faculty member, there’s more to CIIT that excites her. She’s impressed with how the institution seamlessly combines technology with different subjects, ensuring students are ready for today’s digital world and what industries are looking for. Also, it has connections with different industries, which means students can find internships and get a taste of the real world while they’re still studying. 

Plus, CIIT is big on community involvement. Through various projects and outreach programs, students are encouraged to use what they learn to help out in the real world. And the way they set things up, students get a nice balance between hitting the books and having personal downtime. 

For Ms. Kristine, another highlight is seeing how diverse the CIIT community is—students, faculty, everyone. It’s an amazing combination of ideas and backgrounds all in one place.

In today’s tech-savvy world, digital arts is really catching on. Ms. Kristine believes that for those into Digital Arts, CIIT is the place to be. It offers comprehensive access to the latest equipment, software, labs, and studios, along with workshops and internships to further refine one’s skills.

For students eyeing a future in digital arts, she has these words of wisdom, “Master the basics, stay focused, seek feedback, embrace criticism, learn from others, stay inspired, believe in yourself, and pray.”

Life outside CIIT

Outside the walls of her classroom, Ms. Kristine embraces a lively and dynamic way of life. In her leisure, she enjoys capturing moments and sharing them on Facebook. She also enjoys getting out into nature and taking in the peace and quiet by going on long treks. 

Occasionally, she channels her creativity by writing poems or sketching her favorite anime characters. Drawing from her past as a sprinter, she stays athletically active, with ambitions to further her jump rope skills in the “Jump Manila Community Group.” Additionally, she aspires to share her MA research on coaching competency with the world in the future.

Of course, behind every extraordinary teacher is a source of inspiration—and for Ms. Kristine, it’s her family. With their steadfast support and her dedication to promoting health and wellness among students, teaching becomes more than just a profession for her—it’s what she’s meant to do.

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