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How to Motivate Software Engineers without Raising Their Pay

Keeping a team of software engineers motivated is essential to every company. Not only do firms demand their constant services, many hiring managers find it hard to fill in their posts, too. Today’s software pros, however, desire more than good salary packages and benefits. While the standard rewards will help motivate them, employers need to provide a work culture that offers intrinsic and extrinsic motivators to keep them for the long haul.

If you are on the verge of losing your most skilled staff, top software engineer college, CIIT, shares these helpful tips that can help you keep up their motivation.

1. Opportunities for Growth

People tend to feel muffled when their jobs become stagnant and boring. Being stuck in a dead-end job can daunt even the most motivated worker. In fact, a study showed that IT specialists get frustrated most on the absence of promotions or career growth.

Solution: Give your software engineers the ability to test their wings. Let them try on different hats and move up the career ladder in your company.

2. New Technology

Technology is fast changing and computer geeks often pride themselves on keeping up with the latest trends. If they’re stuck for months maintaining old, broken code and using ancient systems and computers, they’ll lose their drive and interest to do their tasks well.

Solution: Reassess your existing tools and check on vital systems and software that need upgrade. Updated tools will not only boost your staff’s productivity but will likewise help you streamline production processes.

3. Training

After ditching the old and getting with the times, make sure your staff have enough avenues to learn and upgrade their skills. Why? So they can work at their full potential!

Solution: Check out the available trainings in your company and look for the best level-up programs or certifications that will suit their needs. 

4. Opportunities to Innovate

Hackathons and similar events that give software engineers the freedom to work on code outside of their usual work activities have led to innovations, benefiting both employee and employer. 

Solution: Encourage them to have fun and experiment by allowing them to attend in such events. It’s also a great way to give them more autonomy while making the most of their skills and talent. 

5. Flexible Working Hours

The typical software engineer usually stays up late at night, keyed up by solving the problem he’s working on. However, if you will scold him for coming into the office late, he’s more likely to spend those evening hours on pet projects that have nothing to do with work.

Solution: Although you have to enforce policies regarding their schedule, it would help to offer your staff flexible working hours. Software engineers are more likely to become more productive when they have control over their work and when they can manage their own schedule.

6. Respect

Skilled developers are highly trained professionals. If you treat them like rookies, they won’t be motivated to stay. Here are a few tips to make sure your engineers know you value them and their inputs:

– Listen to their opinions and suggestions and consider them. If you don’t act on a certain suggestion or feedback, make sure you explain your side clearly.
– Don’t micromanage. Don’t ask them to give you constant updates about their tasks. It’s pointless and just a waste of time. Instead, trust that they will complete their job within the set deadline.
– Understand the unique challenges software engineers face and help them solve it.
– Coach your staff when problems arise so everyone can learn together.

7. Recognition and Praise

While building something is fun, having someone to pat you on the back, buy you a steak dinner, sing your praises, or throw you a party could be more exciting. Most software engineers enjoy receiving recognition and hearing praise for hard work.

Solution: Build a culture where people could thank each other and express gratitude to their co-workers regularly. This will not only boost their confidence but will also create a happy and healthy workforce.

In today’s tight job market for IT, it’s more vital than ever for employers and managers like you to be proactive about retaining skilled talents. The above tips can help you motivate your employees and make them feel valued.

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