Reasons to Convince You to Take Game Development Programs

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Do you love playing online and mobile games like Clash of Clans, Temple Run, Candy Crush, League of Legends, or Defense of the Ancients? They’re fun and addicting, right? But do you know that your passion for gaming can lead you to a well-paid career in the future? Taking up a mobile game development course can make it happen.

CIIT Philippines, a game development school in Quezon City, believes that Filipinos have a great edge in this field. If you’re clueless about it or still unsure of what course to take, here’s why you should pursue and learn mobile game development.

Why Take Up a Mobile Game Development Course?

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CIIT Philippines: Top Mobile Game Development School in the Country

Creating mobile games is far tougher than playing them. But if you’re eager to make one, enrolling in a leading game development school, such as CIIT Philippines, is your best choice.

If you’re an incoming senior high school student, our computer programming track will introduce game programming for beginners. This track can lead to a degree in college if you choose to further your studies with us.

However, if you’re an incoming college student or a working professional, you can take Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with specialization in Game Development and Mobile App Technologies if you want to master the art of game making. You can also take a short course if you’re too busy for a mobile game development course or only want to upgrade your skills and refresh your knowledge.


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