Mobile Filmmaking Apps: Filmmaking Using Your Phone

8 Must-Have Mobile Filmmaking Apps for K-12 Students

It’s amazing how one device can have various functions. Take smartphones as an example. They can be used for call, text, email, gaming, studying, and—for capturing moments. One way to capture moments is through filmmaking. With the use of smartphones, anyone can practice their filmmaking skills. In this case, mobile filmmaking comes to life. With that, mobile apps for filmmakers are available for smartphones. These mobile filmmaking apps are designed to enhance user experience and take your filmmaking to the next level.

Mobile filmmaking has become popular in the age of smartphones. In fact, according to a 2016 study conducted by International Data Corporation’s (IDC) Asia, Philippines is the fastest-growing smartphone market in Southeast Asia. Moreover, 53% of mobile internet users are millennials. Thus, the rise of available apps for mobile filmmaking is undeniable. Google Play Store for Android users and Apple Store for iOS users have many platforms that mobile filmmakers can choose from. Features of these mobile apps for filmmaking range from enhanced camera types and video editing software to special effects and filters.

It’s tricky to search for the best mobile apps for filmmaking, especially if you don’t know where to start. There’s a wide range of available filmmaking apps for iOS and Android. But which are the best? Here’s a list of the top mobile filmmaking apps for K-12 students that you can use to step up your filmmaking game.

Mobile Filmmaking Apps for K-12 Students


Mobile Filmmaking Apps Infographic

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Take Your Passion to the Next Level

Mobile filmmaking is a great way to practice and develop your filmmaking skills. Firing up your passion and trying new platforms to improve your craft help you stay ahead of the trend. Don’t stop improving to turn your dreams into reality. As the top multimedia arts school, CIIT Philippines offers the best arts courses. Whether you’re leaning toward Multimedia Arts or Fine Arts, CIIT College of Arts and Technology helps you take your passion to the next level. Browse through various CIIT courses and start your journey now!

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