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A Mind Sketch of the Best Multimedia Arts School

Are you looking for the best multimedia arts school that can give you the finest education and experience you need? Well, if you are searching for the best, I’m afraid it’s a myth.

The best school would predominantly depend on your individual learning style and your specific goal after getting the diploma.

But if you are curious about how most people define a premier school, here are some of the top qualities that you should be looking for in a design institution:

1. Real-Life Oriented

When you’re passionate about being an artist, you’ll probably like a school that will give more hands-on than lectures. If you enrolled to learn Photoshop, you want to actually be good at editing photos, not just in defining Photoshop, enumerating its commands, and writing step-by-step essays.

Most colleges and universities drain creativity out by squeezing students on things that don’t matter in real life. Great multimedia artists do not learn by memorizing steps. They learn by just doing it and practicing it on actual. Same goes for you.

2. Connected to the Industry

Connection with the industry should not be just a feature but a basic requirement to a school you enroll in.

Why you say, if they’re not actually involved with the multimedia industry, then they don’t have an ample clue on how multimedia artists learn and what they really need to know. If that’s the case, then why should they be teaching it in the first place?

3. Personalized

Each person has a right to his/her personal preferences. Don’t look for a class that will require you to be good at every genre. The fact is that no artist can. Is Picasso good at making comics? Is Einstein good at biology? If not, then what’s the point of toiling over photography if you just want to be a great game developer?

Being too well-rounded will only make you generic and unsuccessful. If we analyze it, all successful professionals are people who specialize.

4. Practitioner Professors

When you want to be involved in the arts, you don’t need lecturers and pure academes. You need people who have been in practice or are still practicing in the field. Say, would you trust somebody to teach you sky diving when he has not done it himself? Yeah, you won’t dare listen to him even if he has a major in Physical Education.

5. Door to More Achievements

If you want to succeed in the multimedia industry, then don’t look for a dead-end school that can only offer you the prestige of a diploma. That’s a worthless piece of paper when you can’t get a job.

Find a place that can also open door to opportunities, not just an institution that simply hands you a piece of paper after years of training. Find a school that bridges you to your community of professionals, not just leave you alone and clueless after graduation. Above all, look for a multimedia arts school that can foster growth even outside the four walls of the classroom.

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