Sir ​​Juco Antonio O. Rivera, Communication and Research Instructor

Meet Sir Juco Antonio Rivera, whose passion for writing is undeniable, yet it’s the world of teaching where he truly feels at home. While he once aspired to be a journalist, those around him recognized his innate teaching abilities and foresaw a future where he would embrace the role of an educator.

Sir Juco’s educational career began in 2007, with his initial two years devoted to teaching both elementary and high school students. He then transitioned to academic tutoring, a field he pursued for six years. Alongside tutoring, he juggled various part-time positions: he contributed as a development editor for a textbook publisher on an outsourced basis, cultivated his craft as a freelance writer, guided students as an online writing tutor, and mentored individuals as a public speaking coach.

In 2014, he ventured into higher education as a college teacher, inspired by a friend’s advice who envisioned him thriving in the collegiate teaching environment

Of course, he offers so much more than just being inside a classroom. He has written textbooks and workbooks for elementary and middle school students published by Diwa Learning Systems, Inc., one of the Philippines’ top educational companies.

His status as a published author has led to numerous invitations as a guest speaker at workshops and seminars nationwide, where he shares insights on communication and educational practices. Additionally, he frequently takes on the role of director for theater productions in various churches.

However, beyond the accolades he has garnered through the years, it is the feedback from students—be it an individual inspired to write by his books or those who’ve found clarity in research methods through his instruction—that truly validates the value of his work.

Sir Juco specializes in educating students in communication and research, skills he considers crucial not only for their professional accomplishments but also for navigating the broader challenges of life. He aims to equip his students with the strategic thinking and effective communication abilities they need to excel in a competitive world.

He realized that his goals as a teacher were a great match for what CIIT has always stood for: preparing students for the real world and creating leaders who are ready to take on challenges in their field. And as someone who was born into an artistic family, he is confident in his ability to relate to the CIIT students on multiple levels.

Given his busy schedule, one might assume Sir Juco has little time for leisure. Yet, he indulges in various hobbies, from performing and sketching to singing and binge-watching videos on YouTube.

Beyond his responsibilities at CIIT, he’s often found at home tending to his two dogs, spending time with loved ones, or doing chores. Even though he gets distracted easily by things like chat and email notifications, he makes it a point to take breaks when he needs them.

Sir Juco believes that the success of a student and the success of a teacher are interdependent. A student needs the guidance of the teacher to succeed, but the teacher can only teach effectively when the student is willing to learn and put in the effort. And for him, teaching students at CIIT has been a rewarding journey. Despite the occasional challenges and moments of frustration, he cherishes the opportunity to guide his students toward realizing their utmost capabilities.

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