Meet our Instructor, Ms. Madz!

From laying out retail displays and designing children’s wear to having her skyscapes displayed in the Pinto Art museum’s virtual gallery, Miss Madz Madaje has always worked in the arts. But when she got the chance to become an instructor in CIIT, she unhesitatingly claimed her longtime dream of being an art teacher.

In this interview, you’ll get to know Miss Madz, one of CIIT’s committed instructors who is eager to help our Bachelor in Multimedia Arts students find their futures in this field:

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

You’ll catch me chasing and taking photos of sunsets. I’ve been into sky gazing since I was little. Remember when you were still a kid and adults always made you nap in the afternoon? I hated that before because I wanted to play outside with my friends. So I usually went to sleep facing an open window where I could see the clouds form into different shapes. I would always imagine creatures in the clouds and create stories for them.

So when I took photography subjects in college, I enjoyed observing people, but especially my surroundings, particularly clouds and sunsets. After many years, I’m still here capturing the awesome creations of our Lord Almighty through my lenses.

Aside from sky gazing, I love taking photos of my happy dog, Tabby, going to museums and art galleries, reading books, and drinking coffee.

What were your past experiences before working in CIIT?

As my first job, I was a visual merchandising specialist for a local retail brand. Then I became a fashion designer for other brands. In this role, I enjoyed creating mood boards, graphic prints, and childrenswear.

Just recently, two of my sunset photographs were also included in the Pinto Art Museum 360 Virtual Experience Tour under DFA virtual gallery. It’s still available for public viewing at https://tinyurl.com/DFAVirtualGalleryMGM2022 if you’re interested in taking a look. I also won a few local writing and photography local competitions in the past. I think that they picked my works because of how I tell stories drawn from my experiences.

When did you begin dreaming of being a teacher?

I was actually in kindergarten when I first dreamt of being a teacher like my first instructor. Then when I was in college, some of my teachers further inspired me to become one.

I also fully believe that teaching any subject changes lives and impacts society. For the arts specifically, one of my favorite quotes is from Gerhard Richter, a German painter, he said that “Art is the highest form of hope”. This quote always reminds me that as art teachers, we can choose to be passionate when mentoring our students, trying hard to help them even beyond what the course requires.

There were teachers in my life who did just that and became my solid foundation. They helped me explore and develop my talents and skills; I hope I can be one such instructor to my students.

What led to your start teaching at CIIT?

I was invited as a thesis guest panelist in 2017 and I remember how awesome it was to critique interesting and creative projects from the CIIT students. Then I got invited to apply as a part-time instructor and I did.

And now I’m still here at CIIT, grateful to God, living my dream of being a teacher with amazing people who love what they do for the students, education system, and nation-building.

What are your future goals in your teaching career?

I want to organize more fun and interesting projects for the students and also my colleagues. I am also thinking of extending my projects to a community so we can help them through art. Lastly, I want to learn more about design thinking and innovations.

What advice would you give your students?

Remember, studying art and design is exciting and full of possibilities. It’s not just about creating what you love or expressing yourself but learning to listen to what people need and care about.

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