Jullianne Lim - CIIT Iskolar Stories

Meet our CIITzen, Jullianne!

Jullianne is one of the many true blue CIIT students who graduated from CIIT Senior High School then pursued her college studies in CIIT College. This young artist is the Valedictiorian of her class in CIIT SHS before taking Bachelor of Multimedia Arts Major in Animation at CIIT College. In the present, Jullianne enjoys doing freelance work via deviantART to save up money for her future.

Why did you choose to study your current program?

I chose to study my current program (Animation) because it was more in line with my interests compared to Graphic Design. Also, I am more fond of learning storytelling, character design, background painting, and drawing techniques since all of those fall into animation.

How and where did your passion for Animation started?

My passion started ever since I was young. I love making characters and sometimes, creating short storybooks about them. I was also exposed to a lot of inspiring animations (work) very early, such as Disney, Dreamworks, and Studio Ghibli films. I can say that they piqued my interest in pursuing animation. 

How did you come to know about CIIT? 

I came to know CIIT in the final years of my Junior Highschool. Since we were graduating, visitors from different Senior Highschool came which give us options to choose from. CIIT wasn’t one of the presenters but I came to know about it through an admission poster on my school’s bulletin board. It caught my attention and interest so I gave it a shot. I passed the entrance examination and got into CIIT Senior Highschool. After Senior Highschool, I decided to continue studying at CIIT for College. 

What made you decide to take BMMA Major in Animation? 

CIIT has a reputation for being a good school that specializes in Digital Arts. Honestly speaking, I am more inclined to digital than traditional arts, especially because there are more opportunities for clients or audiences abroad.

How did you become a CIIT scholar? 

I was informed that we can apply for a scholarship in CIIT College if we can maintain our high grades during Senior Highschool. I learned about it from a CIIT staff during the CIIT SHS Orientation. They discussed how things will go if we decided to continue studying here (in CIIT). So, after I graduated in Senior Highschool 2019-2020 as Valedictorian, I applied for a scholarship in CIIT College. I submitted my application and video essay which tells a lot about me. Luckily, I was selected to receive the scholarship. 

How is the scholarship helping you today?

Being a scholar really helped me not only in studying at CIIT but also as a student in general. Having a quota grade brings about a good kind of stress that pushes me to not give up. It became a motivation for me to strive harder, especially because there is something that I need to achieve. It has taught me to be disciplined and be patient. (Also), I was able to nurture my talents more because of this (scholarship).

What is the most remarkable experience so far in the school?

What I find remarkable about this school is the whole experience of online learning. While a lot of schools found it hard to cope especially with the pandemic, my experience during CIIT SHS made the transition easier. In CIIT SHS, we were already introduced to online sites where we’re required to submit digital outputs. (Because of that) I’ve grown accustomed to this way of (virtual) learning ever since. Some people may see it as a hassle but now that the situation is different, (adapting) online learning a must.

What do you like the most in CIIT?

What I like about CIIT is that they expose us to real-life experiences in the industry we’re aiming for. They also make requirements and projects fun, creative, and reasonable. Additionally, classes and the curriculum are also adjusted appropriately. It is (the setup) reasonable which makes it feasible for the students to abide by. 

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