Meet our CIITzen, Camille!

Working on an international video game, being featured in art shows, and selling your art to collectors is the dream of every young artist. But for Camille Anne Prado, a fourth year student in CIIT’s Bachelor in Multimedia Arts (BMMA), it’s her reality. 

It can be yours too! Find out how Camille’s unwavering drive to improve her skills motivated her to start her professional art journey in CIIT last 2019, and learn her valuable advice to young artists in our interview with her below:

How did your passion for the arts start?

My passion for the arts started when I was very young, as early as 3 years old! I remember how my mom would always get mad at me because I filled our walls and doors with crayon drawings. Growing up my dad and I also played a lot of video games—like Mario, supersonic, and Metal Slug on the XBOX, PS2 and Game Boy—and through these games, I was exposed to amazing art.

Then, when I was in grade school, I would join and win many school art competitions. Fast-forward to junior high school, I enjoyed watching anime and playing Final Fantasy on PlayStation and PSP. These activities had a huge impact on me, inspiring me to pursue art in Senior high school and college.

Why did you choose CIIT?

I found out about CIIT way back in 2019 because at that time, AEONIX’s artworks were gaining popularity and l was one of his fans. So when I was searching for a school focused on digital art and learned that he was studying in CIIT, and so I applied here for college.

Why did you choose CIIT’s Bachelor in Multimedia Arts?

CIIT’s fine arts program was actually my first choice. I really like painting and the experience of doing traditional art is worlds apart from digital art. But I love exploring different art forms. It pushes me to go beyond my limits by learning new knowledge and skills. BMMA’s wide range of subjects that offer a little bit of everything made it the perfect course to enhance my art skills. In the end, that is why I chose CIIT’s BMMA.

How has CIIT helped you become a better artist? 

CIIT’s friendly people and creative atmosphere are what truly helped me grow as an artist. These parts of the school created my ideal working and learning environment. Plus, I could be pabibo in every homework, go beyond what the instructor had assigned, and no one would judged me. 

Also, the opportunity to be a president of CIIT’s traditional arts student organization, Atelier, helped me flourish as a leader and a student. My time as Atelier’s president polished my communication, management, and time management skills.

Can you tell us about your biggest achievements in the arts?

My first big achievement happened way back in 2020. I was hired for an exciting project where I worked with a client to create a book cover illustration for the international interactive video game, Episode. Coincidentally, this project was so fun and easy because I used to play this game.

That same year, I also did freelance work where I produced digital illustrations for other international clients. I even exhibited my paintings in Art Show Philippines and some of my works were sold to local collectors from Batangas, Ilocos, and other provinces.

More recently, one of my art pieces was featured in Graphika Manila 2023. I submitted my three best works, and it’s a blessing that they featured a commissioned artwork I created back in 2020.

What advice would you give to your peers?

A piece of advice I can give is to always prioritize time for your personal art studies. Not everything will be taught in school and it may take awhile to see improvement, but don’t worry. You will eventually see progress. Just be dedicated and most importantly, enjoy what you do.

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