Adrean Tolosa - CIIT Iskolar Stories

Meet our CIITzen, Adrean!

Adrean Tolosa is a freelance Motion Designer and a student scholar of CIIT College of Arts & Technology. He is currently taking a Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Arts Major in Animation. 

Why did you choose to study your current program?

I took BMMA because I want a course that is in line with my passion and dream career. Not only to learn the technical skills but to understand the principles which are very important especially in the creative industry.

How and where did your passion for Animation started?

It started when I was young. I remember drawing things I see on television particularly in cartoons. Growing up, I discovered more mediums that I can use to create more artworks which brought out my creativity in various ways. I started with photo editing then eventually learned visual effects and now, animation.

Tell us the story from the time you came to know CIIT to get into the school in College?

After I graduated from Senior High School, I already know the program I want to enroll in but looking for the right college offering arts and design courses was quite difficult. Upon browsing Google, I stumbled upon CIIT then figured that it fits with what I am looking for in a school. My first impression was that the professional user interface of their website reflects the culture of the school and the creatives they produce. So, I took the exam, applied for the scholarship and thankfully, became one of the scholars of CIIT.

CIIT stood out from the other schools I looked into. The school represents the Art so well in all their platforms, even with the building (design).

Can you tell us your journey of becoming a CIIT scholar?

After browsing the CIIT website, I sent a message to the admissions office and asked if they offer scholarship grants. I was told that a scholarship is available and I just have to prepare my portfolio. I attended the scholarship orientation then they required us to do a video essay. However, after submission (of the requirements), we had to wait for a few months for them to announce who passed. So, I already enrolled in a state university but I don’t really like the course I enrolled in because all the courses are already full. I thought that it would be a waste of time and money if I ever pursued that school so I withdrew my enrollment. I decided that if I don’t get the scholarship at CIIT I’m going to stop for a year and work on my craft in the meantime. Finally, after months of waiting I received a text message that I got the scholarship. I’m thankful to CIIT for believing in my Art. I never regretted being part of the school. 

What is the most remarkable experience so far in the school?

The most remarkable experience in CIIT for me is meeting new friends to whom I share common interests such as in film, animation and digital art. We got to share ideas that broadens our knowledge in media arts.

What do you like the most in CIIT?

The environment is what I like the most in CIIT. Sadly, we cannot do face to face classes at this time to experience the diverse environment in CIIT,  where different people focus on what their passion is. The school offers diverse organizations for different art forms and also for different people.

Tell us about your class experience and the quality of the curriculum?

Classes are fun because the teachers find a way to deliver the lessons using interactive presentations, animation projects, and film production. Instructors and staff are (also) very professional and very courteous towards students and their colleagues.

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