Meet Fae: Digital Marketing and Web Design Student

Meet Fae: Digital Marketing and Web Design Student

About Fae: 

Fae Ricafort is the owner and founder of ArrowEdge Media Solutions. A design and digital marketing agency that she built from the ground up because of her desire to share her creative skills to other entrepreneurs and help them build their small businesses. 

Why did you choose to study digital marketing and web design? 

I worked as a designer for several agencies abroad. The experience motivated me to know more about their businesses and how it works. It also sparked my interest to learn. I also have other businesses where I am applying my digital marketing knowledge. 

How and where did your passion for design started? 

I love to draw at an early age. Growing up, I became interested in digital arts and how to skillfully influence other people in marketing and sales. 

Are there any achievements that you are most proud of? 

I helped most start-ups and SMEs build their websites. Thanks to the web design course I took. Now, I also have a business who helps other people as well. They love everything I’ve done with their website, I also do end-to-end processes with digital marketing such as SEO. 

How did you start ArrowEdge? What are the challenges?

ArrowEdge started in 2020, right before the pandemic. Years before that, I was already thinking of starting my own business that will cater SMEs here in the Philippines. I’ve been in the industry for 9 years and I am receiving a lot of referrals. Eventually, I decided to extend the skills I learned to help them. 

What are the challenges of a start-up business like yours? 

The challenges I have in the business is that I wear too many hats; Common problems of solopreneurs. Eventually, I found people who can help me in the business and still looking for fresh talents to teach. The struggle is still there but it is more manageable now.

Why did you decide to enroll in a short course program? 

I strongly believe in the importance of investing in yourself and your skills to be of value to others. So, I decided to enroll in Digital Marketing and Web Design courses. I already know the basic foundations but I want to know more. CIIT provided me a good opportunity to improve myself. Now, I offer what I learned from the courses to my clients. Glad I took the chance to enroll!

Why is upskilling important? 

Upskilling should be a main goal. The magic truly happens outside the comfort zone. Investing in yourself and learning the skills that can be of service to others gives a sense of importance. My “why” is to help others especially struggling SMEs. I believe it has been my ruling compass in ArrowEdge.

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