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The Makings of a Top Digital Arts School in the Philippines

With the rise of technology and multimedia, more and more industries are now demanding the help of multitasking professionals who can do all art, branding, and technology at the same time.

If you’re a student who’s wise to jump to this big opportunity, you may be considering applying to a top digital arts school in the Philippines.

And that’s precisely why this article is written, so that you could create a set of criteria for your choice of college:

State-of-the-art facility

The facilities play a huge role in creating an optimal learning environment for digital artists. It must at least give a perfect assurance that your school computer isn’t going to crash in the middle of a complicated, hundred-layered vector art.

If you’re going to choose a school for a tech-based profession, look for a school that’s ready to house your high-RAM design software.

Creativity-inducing environment

Truth be told, it’s nearly impossible to be creative in an environment that enforces too much (unreasonable) rigid limitations on students. Find a school that will value your individuality as much as it values decorum and uniformity.

Artistic ideas are something borne out of having the freedom and flexibility, not out of meticulously following rules and doing what everyone else does.

Modern approach

You can’t effectively learn modern subjects through old-school techniques. At one point, you won’t need a written exam to master the basics of graphic design. You need to practice it, dirty your hands with real work.

Find a top digital arts school in the Philippines that is able to modernize their approach to education so that it would fit the subject. There’s no other way to master digital arts than to practice it. A good college will walk you through the technicalities and concepts, but will do more work in making sure that you will get enough exposure to practically apply them.

Spontaneous culture

If you’re into art and design, you’re probably dreaming of a school that will allow you to just create what you want to create. Surprise, there’s no school like that. Design is discipline. But there’s good news: you could find a place where your personal works can be recognized and supported.

Being part of a more spontaneous community can actually make you a better designer, because first, they let you grow your style in your own way; and second, they celebrate uniqueness and actually harness them by presenting you opportunities outside the class. Find people who won’t kill your passion by forcing you to do things the way everybody else did.

Finally, when you’re already sure that you have the right choice of top digital arts school in the Philippines, don’t forget to keep practicing. A multimedia arts education will not be about how much lectures you attended; it will be about how much time you dedicated for practicing.

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