What Makes Animation a Promising Career in the Philippines?

Animation is at its infancy in the Philippines, and there’s no better time to jump into it than now. While many may wonder why you want animation considering there are only limited prospects available inside the country, you could answer by telling them directly that Philippine animation holds a worldwide market.

1.   Animation is universal.

Try this experiment: create a soundless animated film and upload it in YouTube. We bet the understanding will be the same whether the viewer lives from Asia or from Africa.

Here’s a fact: animation transcends all linguistic barriers. If there’s any way to communicate universally, it’s through movements. You don’t need to learn Japanese before you could animate a Manga film and you don’t need to be fluent in English before your animation could communicate to Americans. It’s all universal. We bet that leaves a lot of room for opportunities.

2.   It lets you invent a world of your own.

Animation is just like any form of art, except for two important distinctions: it’s precise and it’s accurate. You have the hold on every single detail of your own world and you can show people exactly what it looks like and what it is.

If you’re childhood involves creating cartoon characters of your own and re-inventing a totally different world, then you might be a good animator material. It’s all about breathing life into imagined forms.

3.   It offers opportunities to grow.

Contrary to what most people think, animation is not a dead-end career. It is, in fact, catapult. What separates good animators from those who are not is the passion and willingness to take that pull back.

Sure, animators are rare unlike lawyers, engineers, and call center agents. But scarcity creates value. All you need is some passion and determination to be exceptional. And being exceptional is a lot easier when the competition is a bit loose, right?

4.   It brings a rewarding career.

A work that is both fun and fulfilling is a dream come trueto many of us. And though animation is more tedious than you think, it certainly is more stimulating than accounting and sorting out office papers.

With animation, you can do work that you can be proud of and be paid for it at the same time. While there are many careers that pay a hefty sum of money, only a few of them are made out of passion.

5.   Animation is an addictive hobby.

While animation is studied for the prospect of making a living, you can also pursue it as a hobby. The Philippines is a country of diverse interests and it is definitely possible to find people who share the same passion in schools and leverage the group to gain more knowledge.

Speaking of which, there are several schools in the Philippines that are focused on providing across-the-board computer graphics and multimedia arts education to passionate learners and potential Filipino animators. CIIT-Philippines, for one, offers bachelor degree courses in multimedia arts and specialist courses in 3D animation. It boasts of experienced and industry-practitioner teachers that aim to train newbies of different creative techniques and skills demanded of every animator.

For a complete list of courses in animation and other affordable, up-to-date and industry-relevant curriculum in multimedia arts and computer science, please visit ciit-ph.com.