Love Manga? Learn to create your own with Medibang Paint

Despite the emergence of new technologies and media, people’s love for manga all over the world remains strong. Thus, there are plenty of fantastic opportunities for an aspiring Manga Illustrator. 

But before you showcase your ideas to the world, you need to learn how to turn your ideas into manga illustrations. One of the easiest ways to learn how to become a manga illustrator is through Medibang Paint.

Medibang and its impact on art students

Medibang Paint is a free digital painting and manga creation software that allows you to create manga on Android tablets or smartphones. This software empowers you with everything every beginner needs to illustrate or create new comic strips on the move. And the best part? You can download this app for FREE.

Even if you’re already skilled in drawing comic book strips, you can use Medibang Paint as an excellent practice ground to hone your craft. Arming yourself with the right tools allows you to become a better manga illustrator. 

Becoming a Manga Illustrator with Medibang Paint 

If you’re interested in becoming a manga illustrator, Medibang Paint is a great tool to consider to create unforgettable narratives. To start, you can familiarize yourself with the software’s features and tools by practicing drawing and creating digital illustrations. Furthermore, there are also vast libraries of online tutorials and courses that you can use to advance your skills.  

Not only is Medibang Paint perfect for aspiring comic book creators, but it also diversifies your artistic talents and builds your portfolio. Having a dedication for success and manga can lead to learning more exciting art forms and tools–which makes you a more valuable part of the workforce. And by continuously improving and showcasing your skills, you’ll soon have a strong portfolio that will definitely stand out. Plus, if you pair all of this with a degree in one of the top multimedia arts schools, then you’ll definitely achieve wonders..

So to start your journey into becoming a great manga illustrator, here are the top tips you should be aware of:

Try tracing materials such as pose books.

If you aren’t too familiar with illustrating the human figure and movements, you can explore tracing materials. To practice tracing via Medibang Paint, you need to load the original image you intend to trace onto a new layer, then create a new layer on top of it. Lower the opacity layer of the original photo to make the image lighter, and trace the original image on top. 

Copy your favorite photo.

Is there a particular scene in the manga that captivated your attention? Well, you can also use this specific illustration to practice becoming a manga creator. To start, you should be mindful of the photo’s overall structure when copying other material. From there, you need to focus on the shape of each part. Draw in the details using a rough ‘Atari’ on Medibang Paint, and keep on practicing. 

As they say, imitation is the greatest form of flattery, and in the art world, it’s the best way to learn new tricks and understand why masters do what they do in certain situations.

Try to draw something yourself.

Once you’ve gotten the hang of tracing and copying materials via Medibang Paint, you should take your craft to the next level. Drawing something unique provides you the opportunity to experiment and discover your style. Medibang Paint has 100 different ways to paint colors, allowing you to color your image the way you imagined it. 

Show your illustration to others

Some of the most talented illustrators may be capable of coming up with stunning work but are unwilling to show their craft to the world. To become a manga illustrator, you need to learn to be comfortable with putting yourself out there. By showing the illustrations you made via Medibang Paint to others, you get the opportunity to improve your craft further. However, you must be open to criticism and feedback when showcasing others your work. This will help you level up as a manga illustrator. 

Pursuing Your Passion as a Manga Illustrator 

While Medibang Paint is a good starting point, learning other styles and tools, especially those used in the industry, is the ultimate goal. Plus, practicing how to create amazing manga adds an edge to your portfolio, and mastering other art forms will definitely make you a well-rounded artist with plenty of career opportunities. This is where CIIT Philippines comes in. 

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