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Art of Logo Designing and Its Impact to Your Brand

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur? Make your product or service remarkable by creating your own logo. Discover more about logo designing and how to use it for creating a strong brand.

The Power of Logo

Logo designing and its impact to the 30th SEA Games logo
Image Source: The 30th Sea Games – Clark 2019 Facebook Page

This is 30th SEA Games logo as presented to the Olympic Council of Asia. As it surfaced the news, netizens gave different reactions and opinions about it. The question is how vital is a logo in an event or entity that it became a crowd topic?

A logo is a symbol adopted by an entity to identify its products and services. It should also convey the entity’s nature, values, and vision in a glance. According to 99Designs, a good logo helps your clients understand “what you do”, “who you are”, and “what you value”. Aside from that, a good logo should possess unique designs to make it remarkable. It should be able to set your business apart from others, thus establish a brand.

Logo design and its impact to your brand

A good logo can be your brand’s cornerstone. A good logo can enhance the brand image of your product or service. To keep your brand image, include your logo in all your advertising platforms.

A good logo can leave a positive impression. Consider your logo as your facade. This is what the clients notice in a product, service, or entity. Choose a logo that is sleek and professional. A good logo could also help your entity build the clients’ trust.

A good logo can enhance customer retention. Based on the recent study of Crowdspring, consumers only take 10 seconds to form a first impression of a brand’s logo; but they take 5 to 7 impressions to recognize the logo. Thus, create a logo that is unique yet easy to remember.

Logo designing 101: How to create your brand logo

Now you already know how important a logo is, it is now time to create your own. To get you started, here are few logo-making tips on creating a good brand logo:

Tell your brand story. Build a connection with your clients by letting them know the story behind your brand. Develop a logo which incorporates your goals and values. This helps you create a unique brand design.

Choose the right colors. One of the most important aspects of visual arts is color selection. According to Crowdspring, “color is a huge factor in brand recognition. A signature color can increase brand recognition by 80% (like the Starbucks green).” Remember that colors can evoke various feelings. For example, red means strong energy, feelings, or passion. Thus, people use this color to advertise energy drinks, cars, and sports. Know these color associations to create a logo that signifies your brand.

Know where to place it.  Should you make your logo circular? Identify where you will place it. You may also customize your logo into a banner through different editing tools and software.

Keep it simple. Do not use intricate designs that will complicate your logo’s design. The simpler your logo is, the more chances of brand retention it will get.

Make it timeless. Avoid changing your logo design frequently. Choose a design which will last for more than a decade to establish brand recognition.

A logo is more than an image. If done right, it can be a powerful branding tool to establish your business. Know more logo designing techniques by taking short courses at CIIT. CIIT offers short courses such as Digital Illustration to improve your skill in Illustrator CC and InDesign CC. Contact us to know more.

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