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How to Know if a Digital Arts School in the Philippines Fits You

Today’s incoming college freshmen are still struggling to find a digital arts school that’ll meet their needs. Like you, they ask themselves, “What factors must I consider in choosing a college that fits me?”

You have many factors to think of when choosing a school, but our list can be a great guide for you as you assess your options. Read to learn more.

1. Location

Though college could be the best time to explore new stuff, sometimes a different environment can jar you. If you grew up in the province, spending four years in the city will be difficult. Likewise, students who enjoy the nightlife and big city bustle may struggle in a small town. Remember, you must be comfortable while you study, so check the environment of your prospective school.

2. School Size

Decide whether you want to be a private person or a popular figure on campus. Are you okay with buildings that stand too close together? Then pick a small campus. If commuting in between classes is fine with you, then enroll in a large institution.

3. Cost

When you consider a college, make sure you’re aware of other costs that go with studying there and not just its tuition fee. College costs much, and the price varies from one school to another. Don’t forget the textbooks, housing, food, and other items you’ll need. Choose one that offers what you can afford. You wouldn’t want the property owner to evict you because you can’t pay the rent, would you?

4. Course Duration

If you wish to study in college but don’t want to invest money and time on a Bachelor’s degree, choose one that offers short courses. Many colleges offer specialist courses fit for students who prefer practical and effective training in shorter periods. Search the web or ask your friends about short courses.

5. Quality of Instructors

What does your prospective school offer, a group of skilled instructors or a set of amateurs? To make sure you’re getting the best possible teaching available, choose a college with expert mentors equipped with real-world skills.

6. Safety and Security

Safety statistics are important in campus life. Are you safe in your prospective school? Do college police officers patrol the campus always? What about evenings, do you feel secured?

7. Graduation Rate

Graduating from college is as important as school admission. Before choosing a college, review the percentage of students that complete full programs there. A school’s graduation rate shows how many students finish their courses; thus, giving you an idea of your fate.

8. Greek Life

For other people, fraternities and sororities play a huge role in their social lives. If you’re one of them, don’t limit your options by enrolling in a school with low Greek life participation. If fraternities and sororities, however, are common on campus and you’re not into it, this factor is something you should rethink.

Sometimes, finding a fitting college is a stressful experience. Yet if you know the factors to consider in choosing the perfect one, you’ll end up with a school that meets your wants and needs.

If you’re still unsure which college to pick, visit CIIT, the top digital arts school in the Philippines. With our wide array of Bachelor and short courses offered at reasonable rates, we’re confident we’ll cater your needs. Visit our website’s Programs page  or contact 411-1196 now.

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