Here’s Why You Should Enroll in a K12 Programming School

Technology is one of the fastest growing basics in today’s digital age. Most industries continue to grow and expand reach through tech advances, which is not surprising at all. The educational system in the Philippines recently switched from the traditional model to K12 system. The goal is to produce a more competitive, prepared, and a harnessed batch of graduates who can move along the fast-paced changes brought about by the progress. Yes, we are seeing good results. However, what changes the game is how students pick the right track to help them drive their career goal. Hence, this write up aims to help you decide why enrolling in a K12 programming school and take up coding courses and stuff is your best choice.

Eight Reasons to Enroll in a K12 Programming School and Take Programming Courses

Eight-Big-Reasons-to-Enroll-in-a K12 Programming School

What Are the Possible Careers That Await Senior High School Students?

Programming courses offer a pool of career prospects right after you graduate from a K12 programming course. It’s important that you know what lies ahead in the future of your chosen career. Most people who graduated from programming courses feel anxious about what job they can get, how much salary they can receive, or would they be dwelling in the programming jobs alone. Well most of us over think this matter; however, you must know the possible careers you can enter. CIIT Philippines, a senior high school programming school, shares a list of the possible career ladder you can take. There’s no harm in seeing yourself at the top of a career ladder, in fact, it’s a good start believing in your potentials and taking an initiative to build your professional realm.

senior high school programming: infographic

Five Life Skills from Programming That Can Help You Shape Your Career

As an incoming senior high school (SHS) student, you want to make most of the K12 academic tracks and gain life skills necessary in career building. Thus, choosing a track from a K12 programming school is perfect because it teaches the life skills from which you or the younger ones can learn and develop different aspects in life. Learning to code provides Planning, Forward-thinking, Analytical Thinking, Problem Solving and Logical Reasoning skills. These five life skills from programming can help you shape your career view and move ahead of your competitors. Across industries, having these skills gives you a tighter grip in landing your own career success.

K12 Programming School: Why Should Kids and Young Adults Learn How to Code?

Childhood is one of the most important phases in a person’s well-being. Preparation is crucial as it helps them to develop certain areas as they grow. So, why should you enroll your kids in a K12 programming school? Why should they learn how to code? Coding is the new language. It teaches kids to develop computational thinking, problem-solving skills, and discipline. In addition, according to Tynker, learning to code affects the academic performance, soft skill development, and career drive. These categories play an important role and responsibility to improve a child’s learning curve and to improve milestones.

a man wearing back pack ready to enter a K12 programming school

In today’s digital age, picking a career tailored to the fast-paced innovations is a good idea. Investing time and effort to set a track in a K12 programming school and take programming courses gives you an edge to play better among your rivals. Besides, programming and coding skills are applicable across industries. Imagine having these skills while applying for a job position. Hence, if you want to pursue this career track and go to a K12 programming school, pick the best one in the market. CIIT Philippines, a senior high school with programming courses will draw you closer to your goals. Visit our site now!

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