Art is a form of expression: K12 media and visual arts career in the Philippines

K12 Media and Visual Arts: Maximizing the New Media

Art serves as a mirror—a reflection of one’s soul. For many of us, art serves as a form of freedom—allowing us to express ourselves in creative ways. Luckily, the K to 12 curriculum aids youth like you to hone their artistry through the K12 media and visual arts strand.

The digital era we’re in now fosters modern art. Unlike traditional art, digital art allows young, aspiring artists to create art easily using digital media. Any content created using digital technology is termed as new media.

Now, art has been fostering new opportunities. From websites to applications, there are surely lots of ways to share your craft. Since new media is rampant, new trends arise and businesses benefit from them. In fact, Entrepreneur Magazine says art is a booming 50-billion dollar industry in 2017 alone.

Are you one of those students who want to pursue art but have something that’s holding them back? Don’t worry. We’ve listed five (5) reasons why you should pursue this career through CIIT’s K12 media and visual arts program.

Reasons to Pursue CIIT Philippines’ Media and Visual Arts Program

Reasons to Pursue Media and Visual Arts

Art never dies.

In today’s fast-paced setting, art endlessly finds its way to adapt. Most industries find it hard to cope in today’s digital era. This is the reason why most businesses fail. Art continues to spread, allowing itself to delve into diverse platforms. So, you will not fail to come up with various art business ideas to gain money.

Art never dies: CIIT K12 Media and Visual Arts Program for Senior High School Students

Art is integral.

Look around you. Furniture, photographs—even TV ads. Art is everywhere. And people are getting harder to please without using creative crafts. Let’s use advertising as an example. One cannot advertise without the presence of art. It just simply won’t work, right?

Art is integral: CIIT Media and Visual Arts Program for Senior High School Students

Art connects you to people.

Establish your network and make friends to grow your knowledge. Don’t you think it’s better to surround yourself with like-minded friends? Also, you’ll be able to produce better, high-quality art.

Art is accessible. CIIT K12 Media and Visual Arts Program for Senior High School Students

Art helps you earn money.

Since we have access to the internet, you can monetize your passion in just a few simple clicks. Most artists are able to sell their products online without having to worry about a physical store. It will be easier to market them to the public.

Art makes you happy: CIIT K12 Media and Visual Arts Program for Senior High School Students

Art makes you happy.

Art does make people happy. Pursuing your passion may require a huge block of courage, but it is definitely worth it. So, keep in mind: your dream is achievable. Seek what sets your heart on fire, and then do it. Make art. Spread art.

Signs You’re An Artist

Don’t just chase your dream—make it happen.

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.”
Thomas Merton

Looking for a sign, perhaps? We know the desires of your heart. Go for your dreams; do something about it. Success is not achieved easily. You’ve got to work to reach it, don’t you think? Use your passion to make an impact.

With this, we vow to give you quality skills through our K12 media and visual arts program. Cultivate your passion in arts and earn money at the same time. Visit CIIT gallery to see some of the best pieces our students have produced. You may also contact us for more concerns.

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