College Degree Courses You Can Consider as a K-12 Graduate

When we adopted a new school system in 2016, challenges ensued. As a result, we went through an overhaul in our education. In the meantime, a few learners still feel the effects of this shift to K to 12. The first batch of the system, though, will soon step up with the skills they have learned. So as a senior high school student who wishes to follow their lead, you can now choose your own path. The K to 12 tracks and strands aim to help you master your skills and learning. In the end, you’re more than prepared to join the workforce or move on to college.

Hence, what must you choose as your college course? As you think of a course to study, you can use this list to narrow your options. From the K to 12 tracks and strands, CIIT rounds up your potential career choices in this blog.

CIIT SHS Programming Students showcasing their very own game application

The K to 12 Tracks and Strands and Their College Degree Counterparts

To prepare you for college, here’s a list of college courses you can choose, along with their K to 12 tracks and strands.

Academic Track

This track is right for high school students who look forward to moving to college. In the same way, the academic track will prepare you for college courses from which you can choose a lot of options. Under this track are three senior high strands.

Technical Vocational Livelihood (TVL) Track

On the other hand, if you wish to work right after a K to 12 track and strand, the TVL track fits you. And if you want to further your career in college with this track, check the senior high strands under this track. You can then pick from any of the courses below.

a. Information and Communications Technology (ICT)

Bachelor of Science
Computer Science
– Game Development

Bachelor of Arts
Multimedia Arts (BS MMA)

– Electrical Computer Engineering
– Information Technology
– Software Engineering

b. Agri-Fishery Arts

Bachelor of Science
– Agriculture
– Agroforestry (BS Agroforestry)
– Forestry (BS Forestry)
– Fisheries (BSFi)
– Agribusiness
– Agricultural Science
– Sustainable Agriculture
– Agriculture Education
– Agricultural Resource Management

c. Home Economics

d.  Industrial Arts

– Industrial Engineering
– Mechanical Engineering

General Academic Strand (GAS)

This track is best for students who are not yet sure which path to take. Unlike other K to 12 tracks and strands that are specific to a career, GAS gives you the chance to weigh your options. Moreover, a course you can pursue from this strand is education.

Bachelor in Secondary Education (BSED) Majors
– English
– Filipino
– Technology and Livelihood Education
– Biological Education
– Mathematics
– Physical Sciences
– Social Studies
– Values Education

Bachelor of Elementary Education (BEED) Majors
– Preschool Education
– Special Education

b. Humanities and Social Sciences Strand (HUMSS)

By the same token, this strand can lead you to go for a course in one of the fields below.

Bachelor of Arts
– Philosophy (AB Philosophy)
– English (AB English)
– Linguistics (AB Linguistics)
– Literature (AB Literature)
– Filipino (AB Filipino)
– Islamic Studies (AB Islamic Studies)

c. Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Strand

So far, the STEM strand gives you more options on what to pick for your college course. Thus, if you choose this strand, you can study one of these courses to trail in college.

Bachelor of Science
– Environmental Science (BSES)
– Geology (BS Geology)
– Molecular Biology (BS Molecular Biology)
– Physics (BS Physics)
– Applied Physics (BS Applied Physics)
– Chemistry (BS Chemistry)
– Food Technology (BS Food Technology)
– Nutrition and Dietetics (BS Nutrition and Dietetics)
– Medical Technology (BS Med Tech)
– Midwifery (BS Midwifery)
– Nursing (BSN)
– Occupational Therapy (BSOT)
– Pharmacy (BS Pharmacy)
– Radiologic Technology (BS Rad Tech)
– Respiratory Therapy (BSRT)
– Speech-Language Pathology

Bachelor of Science
Computer Science (BSCS)
– Information Technology (BSIT)
– Information Systems (BSIS)

Bachelor of Science
– Aeronautical Engineering (BS AeroE)
– Ceramic Engineering (BSCerE)
– Chemical Engineering (BSChE)
– Civil engineering (BSCE)
– Computer Engineering (BSCpE)
– Electrical Engineering (BSEE)
– Electronics and Communications Engineering (BSECE)
– Geodetic Engineering (BSGE)
– Geological Engineering (BSGeoE)
– Industrial Engineering (BSIE)
– Marine Engineering (BSMarE)
– Materials Engineering (BSMatE)
– Mechanical Engineering (BSME)
– Metallurgical Engineering (BSMetE)
– Mining Engineering (BSEM)
– Petroleum Engineering (BSPetE)
– Sanitary Engineering (BSSE)
– Marine Transportation (BSMT)

Bachelor of Science
– Mathematics (BS Mathematics)
– Applied Mathematics (BS Applied Mathematics)
– Statistics (BS Stat)

d. Accountancy, Business and Management (ABM) Strand

Bachelor of Science
– Accountancy (BSA)
– Accounting Technology (BSAcT)

Bachelor of Science Business Administration Majors
– Business Economics (BSBA)
– Financial Management (BSBA major in FM)
– Human Resource Development (BSBA major in HRDM)
– Marketing Management (BSBA major in MM)
– Operations Management (BSBA major in OM)
– Entrepreneurship (BS Entrep)
– Agribusiness (BS Agribusiness)

Bachelor of Science
– Hotel and Restaurant Management (BS HRM)
– Office Administration (BSOA)
– Real Estate Management (BS REM)
– Tourism Management (BSTM)
– Community Development (BS Community Development)
– Foreign Service (BS Foreign Service)
– International Studies (BSIS)
– Public Safety (BSPS)
– Social Work (BS Social Work)

Bachelor of Public Administration (BPA)

Sports Track

The sports track prepares you for physical careers ahead. These include fitness trainer, gaming official, masseur, or gym instructor. So if you want to pursue one of these jobs, then you’re already on the right path.

a. Athletics

b. Fitness

c. Recreation

Arts and Design Track

If you choose this track, you must have the needed skills in the arts. Why? Because this track includes old and modern art, as well as the means and channels of multimedia, production, and creative fields.

a. Visual Arts

– Bachelor of Multimedia Arts

b. Performing Arts

As the first batch of K-12 graduates comes close to the end of high school, a few of them set their sights on getting a job. Some, though, are eager to hone their career and earn a degree. One of the good things about K to 12 tracks and strands is that they arm students with skills to help them succeed, no matter what path they choose.

CIIT’s Career Ladder Program: Smart Choices for Senior High School Students

CIIT SHS students during traditional art demonstration of their instructor

If you like tech or art, you may choose the TVL or Arts and Design track, and it should not be a hard choice. Know that senior high strands can lead you to an exciting course and even to your dream job. But if you are still not sure on how to proceed, CIIT’s senior high school program is a career ladder that offers a system that guides you to college. Thus, choosing the said K to 12 tracks and strands at CIIT leads you to a college degree and a fruitful career.

So, do you want to study at CIIT? Contact us now to find out more about our senior high strands!