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It’s been seven years since DepEd carried out the K to 12 curriculum in the Philippines; however, a few parts  remained vague to those affected by the change. To a few incoming senior high school students, parents, and teachers, the new k to 12 grading system is still unclear. So, if you feel the same, read on to understand it.

Importance of K to 12 Curriculum

A write-up on Soapboxie, a site formed by the political and social enthusiasts, Cianeko Abueva states the k to 12 curriculum is the key to our nation’s progress. Though faced with problems since its implementation, he believes we need the new system. In fact, it will help increase the quality of our education, a crucial factor to our country’s success.

K to 12 Grading System: KPUP versus WW-PT-QA

So far, under the new basic education system, DepEd has released two orders effecting the new assessment and grading system, KPUP and WW-PT-QA.

1. KPUP Grading System

The first, however, is under D.O. No. 73, s.2012 effective school year 2012-2013 that used Knowledge, Process, Understanding, and Performances (KPUP) as levels of assessment and grading. Per this order, public and private elementary and secondary schools in the country should use this system. In fact, the levels of assessment shall show in the class record with their percentage weights.

KPUP Level of Assessment and Percentage Weight Table - K to 12 Grading System

The order defined the levels of assessment.

1. Knowledge – the substantive content of the curriculum, the facts, and info gained by the student.
2. Process – skills or cognitive operations the student does on the facts and info to create meanings or understandings.
3. Understandings – how the student endured big ideas, principles, and generalizations inherent to the discipline.
4. Products/Performances – real-life application of understanding as evidenced by the student’s performance of authentic tasks.

Further, the report card shall show how the students performed based on proficiency levels.

KPUP Level of Proficiency and Equivalent Numerical Value - K to 12 Grading System

2. WW-PT-QA Grading System

The second system, in contrast, is under D.O. No. 8, s.2015 effective school year 2015-2016. Unlike the first one, the new k to 12 grading system used fewer components and launched a new conversion table. Public schools from kindergarten to senior high school should use it. In the same way, it asks non-DepEd schools to apply the changes, too.

Under this order, the results of the components of the summative assessment such as Written Work, Performance Tasks, and Quarterly Assessment will form the bases for the grade computation.

New Grading Components for Grades 1-10New Grading Components for Grades 1-10_K to 12 Grading System (1)

1. Written Work (WW) – makes sure students can express skills and contents in written form.
2. Performance Task (PT) – lets learners show what they know and can do in diverse ways.
3. Quarterly Assessment (QA) – measures student learning at the end of the quarter.

New Senior High School Grading System ComponentsNew Senior High School Grading System Components - K to 12 Grading System

Grade Transmutation Table for K to 12 Basic Education Program

Grade Transmutation Table for K to 12 Basic Education Program - K to 12 Grading System

What Are the Good Points of the New Grading System 

Unlike the KPUP, the new k to 12 grading system has 60 as minimum grade but will have a converted rating of 75 in the report card. The lowest grade a student can get is rather 60 for the quarterly and final grades. Since the new grading system also used fewer components and launched a new transmutation table, it makes it simpler for teachers to compute the grades.

For more details on DepEd’s K-12 senior high school program, please go to K12 Philippines. You may also check CIIT’s senior high school courses to learn more about our specialized tracks.

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