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CIIT’s Senior High Animation Track and Careers That Come with It

Animation offers a world of magic, fantasy, and creativity. So, if you want to live with these great things, enroll in a k-12 animation track. Below are four more reasons you should think of it.

Why Study the K-12 Animation Track

1. Animators are in-demand today.

Job demand for Filipino animators still flourishes to this day. According to BLS.gov, 73,700 jobs are available in the animation field in 2016, and it foresees almost 6,200 more jobs or an 8% increase by 2026. Today, demand for these jobs is rising at a quick pace. Thanks to the booming gaming and entertainment industries! In fact, a single animation movie needs at least 500 animators, offering great opportunities for anyone who holds the right training and experience in the field.

2. Its graduates can work in any industry.

When animation first used paper, people thought it’s for drawings and cartoons alone. However when computers came into the scene, your views about it changed into photo-realistic creations for movie and web and video games.

Over the years, the creative industry has convinced experts from various fields not to limit animation to a skill set. Instead, treat it as an interaction. Now, people use it in a variety of fields far from consoles or the big screen. Below are a few fields where students can work after completing an animation course:

– Animators in jewelry firms create truthful presentations of their products online. Hence, this makes the whole experience more engaging, interactive, and exciting.

– An artist in this field makes computer-generated buildings and landscapes with moving people and vehicles in an actual community.

– Animators can help authorities solve crimes by recreating scenarios for trials and probes.

Science and Engineering
– These trades offer countless jobs for animators to expand and use their skills outside the field. Besides, these include 3D modeling, simulations, and other complex apps.

– Animators in this field create mechanical designs and virtual models of products. At length, they help businesses save millions of dollars by cutting down on development costs.

– Studies show that teaching with the help of animated visuals in schools boosts the interest and motivation of students to learn.

3. The job offers a high income.

Animation is one of the highest-paying careers that serve both the education (e-learning) and entertainment fields. PayScale reports rather that an animator can earn a median pay of PHP 240,000 per year and even higher in other countries.

4. Plenty of big firms abroad hire Filipino animators.

Aside from creative skills, large firms abroad choose Filipino animators because they can grasp storylines and concepts with ease. In addition, they always bring high-quality outputs. Such firms favor Pinoy artists, too, because they can speak English well.

As an example, DreamWorks Animation billed Filipino animator Ronnie Del Carmen in their project in California. Del Carmen’s works include Inside Out, Up, and Dug’s Special Mission.

The Senior High School Animation Track at CIIT, a K-12 Animation School

Not all schools are the same. This holds true for IT schools such as CIIT. Are you an incoming senior high school student aiming to be a great animator someday? Thus, enroll at CIIT’s k-12 animation track and see where it can take you.

k-12 animation track


Besides animation, CIIT Philippines offers specialized tracks in computer programming and media and visual arts. So to get more details about our senior high school tracks, you may contact us at info@ciit.edu.ph or at +632 411-1196 / +632 441-1816 / +632 413-1139.

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