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Top Paying Senior High School Jobs for K-12 Graduates This 2018

Graduating from senior high school is a milestone and a great start for the K-12 graduates. Since most industries are still coping with the fast-paced trend of technology, economic growth, and trade, there’s a high demand for skilled graduates like you. Recently, our country produced the first batch of senior high school graduates. There are split viewpoints towards the readiness of the K12 finishers’ batch. However, most of the graduates are competitive in showcasing their skills and talents. Given that before they graduated, senior high schools have equipped these young professionals with knowledge and job-ready attitude to join the workforce. Good thing, more industries open up with the huge demand for jobs for senior high school graduates.

According to the 2017 salary report from Jobstreet.com, technology jobs remain as one of the top paying jobs in the Philippines, which resulted to more job vacancies in the computer and tech-related industries. Enrolling in senior high school like CIIT Philippines can help you reach your goal and be one of the professional workers. So, if you’re a recent K-12 graduate, heed these top paying jobs from CIIT.

Career Jump-Starting: Top-Paying Jobs for Senior High School Graduates

jobs for senior high school graduates


Average Salary: PHP 39,786
Job Requirement: Tools and Software Skills, Creativity Skills, Imaginative, Artistry
Technical-Vocational-Livelihood (TVL) Track

In the fast-paced trend of technology, animation is one of the in-demand jobs you can choose if you have the passion for creating fascinating visual arts. This requires you to take the technical-vocational-livelihood (TVL) track in the senior high school program so you can land this creative career. Besides, you can get a lucrative job and pursue your passion in animation.

Web Developer and Web Designer

Average Salary: PHP 38,201
Job Requirement: Code Skills, Programmer Skills,
Technical-Vocational-Livelihood (TVL) Track

Web developing and designing is an incredibly cool job to pursue. Besides, the demand for this type of job drastically increases because of the non-stop progress of our industry. Take the TVL track and you’re good to go.

Photographer or Videographer

Average Salary: PHP 37,578
Job Requirements:
Arts and Design Track

Do you want to take professional photos of sceneries, wildlife or take irreversible moments during an event? Photography and Videography rank as one of the top paying jobs for senior high school graduates to try. Aside from taking good pictures, you are earning the average amount of PHP 37,578. Just take the Arts and Design track and you can enjoy the perks of becoming a professional photographer or videographer.

Content Writer

Average Salary: PHP 23,600
Job Requirements: Comprehensive Language Skills, Grammar Skills,
Academic Track

If writing is your cup of tea, then content writing is one of the jobs for senior high school graduates you can try. You just have to know the ins-and-outs of writing, equipping yourself with software knowledge and you will surely kick start a career.

Customer Service or Technical Support Representative

Average Salary: PHP 31,826
Job Requirements:
Academic Track

The advent of tech-innovations can never replace a human’s emotional touch in service, thus, customer and tech support services remains an in-demand job. Besides, the business process outsourcing industry remains firm and continues to provide our country with jobs and economic perks.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO Specialist

Average Salary: PHP 29,595
Job Requirements: SEO Knowledge, Analytical Skills, Computer Skills
Academic Track

Perhaps, you’re aware of how the business industry relies on the fast changing trend of marketing. And marketing grows along the trend of technology. That’s why SEO is an in-demand job you must try. You just have to keep learning the game of marketing linked with social media and its potential market.

Graphic Artist

Average Salary: PHP 22,294
Job Requirements: Adobe Tools and Graphic Software Skills, Creative
Technical-Vocational-Livelihood (TVL) Track

Do you love both traditional and modern art? If yes, the graphics artistry profession awaits you. There are various reasons why you should dwell your creativity in this profession. Aside from a lucrative career, you can definitely build an image for yourself and show the industry how creative you are.


Average Salary: PHP 19,280
Job Requirements: Programming Skills, Encoding Skills, Computer Skills
Technical-Vocational-Livelihood (TVL) Track

Of course, almost every industry that runs with technology needs a programmer. You just have to be creative and logical when making awesome systems that can set a brand or service apart from the working ones.

a successful job interview and the young applicant scrolled among the jobs for senior high school graduates

Are the Senior High School Graduates Job-Ready?

An article from Inquirer.net told how George Vincent Pagalilauan, a graduating senior high school student back in 2016, was able to get a job even before he graduates. This means that most of the K12 finishers are capable to further their education to college or land a job without a college degree. More importantly when most of the senior high schools, who improved their educational system, equipped the students with the essential skills and knowledge to join the workforce. Also, the Department of Education (DepEd) targeted to produce a batch of k12 graduates that are specialized in the senior high school tracks they’ve chosen. The four senior high school tracks: Academic Track, Technical-Vocational-Livelihood (TVL) Track, Sports Track, and Arts and Design Track, are specialized to lead the students where they can grow a professional.

jobs for senior high school graduates, a fresh graduate is sitting on top of the yellow railing

Indeed, the chance to choose among the jobs for senior high school graduates varies into what senior high school track you pick. These top paying jobs should inspire and give you an idea of what career to pursue. The main goal of the senior high school program is to equip you with job-ready skills. That’s why CIIT Philippines is ready to help you land one of these top paying jobs. If you want a lucrative career in animation or in the multimedia field, visit CIIT’s senior high school program now.

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