Ms. Jessica Digol, Career and Placement Officer and General Education Professor

Meet Ms. Jessica Digol, a remarkable individual who seamlessly blends the realms of academia and career development at CIIT College of Arts and Technology. Before donning her academic robe, Jessie navigated the dynamic world of Human Resources. But who would’ve thought that she would don multiple hats, serving as a Guidance Center Level Counselor, a Values Education teacher, and now, a beacon of career guidance at CIIT.

Last August 5, 2023, CIIT gave her the prestigious Annual Faculty Excellence Award, recognizing her unwavering commitment to nurturing the minds of CIITzens. Jessie’s impact extends beyond the classroom, with heartwarming notes from students expressing gratitude for her understanding, discipline, and positive influence.

Jessie’s teaching philosophy transcends traditional boundaries. One memorable moment stands out when a student, initially anxious about securing an internship, had already landed a job before the term commenced, with the help of Jessie’s impactful guidance. Her dedication to the learning process emphasizes collaboration, engagement, and the sharing of ideas to create a rich and holistic educational experience.

Beyond the walls of CIIT, Jessie is a Certified Professional Career Coach, extending her expertise to guide CIITzens in their career journeys. Her commitment to a better work-life balance is reflected in her routine, where she diligently leaves work stress behind and immerses herself in family time, books, and the joy of pet companionship.

In a candid revelation, Jessie shares her journey towards self-care, a transformation that began last year. Striking a balance between work and personal life, she ensures each day ends positively, allowing time for rest, leisure, and cherished activities.

Jessie’s life isn’t confined to academia; it’s a vibrant tapestry of hobbies and passions. Cross-stitching, letter writing, and a penchant for surprises through thoughtful notes make up her leisure moments. Her sentimental nature is evident in the keepsakes she cherishes, reflecting the importance of memories and connections.

Not only an educator but a model too! Jessie’s foray into modeling for marketing materials showcases her willingness to embrace the unfamiliar. Shy and quiet by nature, she stepped out of her comfort zone during promotional shoots, adding a dash of fun to her routine.

An avid reader since 4th grade, Jessie’s love for books has been a constant companion. From volunteering for charitable causes during her high school years to aspiring to contribute to the Save the Laguna Pitbulls Sanctuary, Jessie’s heart extends beyond her immediate world.

With an interest in learning crochet and embroidery, Jessie finds solace in these crafts, clearing her mind on lazy days or immersing herself in creativity during busier times.

Jessica Digol, a name synonymous with educational excellence at CIIT, proves that the journey of self-discovery never truly ends. Balancing the rigors of academia with personal passions, she stands as an inspiring figure, weaving success stories one class at a time and embracing the richness of life outside the classroom.

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