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Is Your Personality Fit for a Career in Web Design?

You will find more to human personality than unique patterns of behavior, thoughts, and preferences. In fact, experts proved it as the cornerstone of one’s journey in life.

A link between personality and career exists. Yes, your personality can affect your choice of profession or vice versa. You choose a job because it fits your traits and personal characteristics.

If you are artistic, you are more likely to prefer working on your own or with a few close friends than having many people around you. Fret not because your reactions are normal.

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The secret to contentment in the workplace and career fulfillment lies in matching the job you want to your personality.

If you are a senior high school student who will soon search for a fitting course and college, you may now assess your own personality. Recognizing it will help you choose your course of study.

If you want a career in web design, you are more of an INFP person. INFP is the best personality for a web design career.

Sixteen personalities exist, according to a theory developed by Carl Jung. You will understand more on INFPs here. For more details on the other 15 types, you may search online for web sites such as 16 Personalities.

What is INFP?

INFP stands for introversion, intuition, feeling, perception, an acronym used by the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). From the words themselves, INFPs are introverts who are so intuitive and have introverted emotions toward others.

Personalitypage.com states an INFP’s primary way of living focuses inward. This means someone with this personality faces reality based on how he reacts to it, or how it fits into his own values.

INFPs are thoughtful, sincere, flexible, good listeners, idealists, perfectionists, peacekeepers, and problem solvers. Animators and fine artists are INFPs, much the same as authors, librarians, and psychologists.

Pieces of Advice

Knowledge of your personality can be your tool to shaping your future.

To be an INFP is not a reason to lessen interaction with others. Instead, act your heart out toward reaching your career goals. Though you are an INFP, you can achieve professional growth.

Choose the perfect career for your personality. CIIT, an arts and technology school in the Philippines, offers other possible career choices aside from web design.

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