Information Systems Jobs: Top Tech-Centered Careers to Pursue

As technology continues to advance, both tech giants and emerging tech companies create a high demand for qualified IT professionals. Because of this, many are attracted to pursuing careers in this field. No wonder the competition has become stiffer. That’s why if you want to take part in this industry, it’s best to plan ahead.

For starters, make sure that you have a good education to be prepared for the ‘real’ world. As you go along, consider the information systems jobs that are sought after to set clear career goals. If you still don’t have ideas about what career to take after graduation, we have a list of jobs you can apply for.

Defining the Information Systems Degree

One of the degrees you can study to have a solid foundation and the competencies needed in the tech field is the Bachelor of Science in Information Systems (BSIS). This course bridges business and information and communications technology (ICT) principles. It also centers on information processing and data analysis. In this course, students are trained to create and implement effective tech solutions by possessing computer and business skills.

In addition, BSIS enables students to acquire skills that are essential in gathering, analyzing, and interpreting data and managing and distributing information. As an information systems specialist, you’ll be working on hardware and software development, data, people, and business processes. This means that your job description is neither boxed in  programming nor business management. Hence, you can join tech giants without having to worry about coding all day.

Why Pursue a Career in Information Systems

Now, if you’re wondering whether BSIS is a good college track, the answer is yes. Living in the digital age opens doors for professions such as information systems. Thus, there are good opportunities in this field. Plus, it allows you to explore other industries because it’s integrated into almost all functions.

If you’re still not convinced, here are the top 3 reasons to pursue information systems jobs.

  1. Competitive job market
  2. Diverse job opportunities
  3. Lucrative career path

information systems jobs a good career path

List of Information Systems Jobs to Pursue

According to Statista, full-time employment in the ICT industry is expected to rise to 62 million in 2023. This makes it the most in-demand profession in the labor force as the widespread adoption of digital technologies continues. With that, there’s no denying that many Gen Zers are eyeing to land information systems jobs.

If you’re one of them, here are 10 common information systems jobs you can pursue after graduation.

1. Information Systems Manager

Information systems managers are responsible for making sure that the department meets all deliverables and ensures a smooth workflow. This includes choosing and managing computer systems, setting up internal networks, and leading a team of information systems specialists.

Annual average salary: ₱780,000

2. Information Technology Specialist

IT specialists are usually in charge of designing and maintaining a company’s technology. They work with computer-based information systems and provide solutions related to networks, hardware, software, databases, and web resources.

Annual average salary: ₱290,309

3. Systems Analyst

Systems analysts evaluate business processes and create computer- and systems-related solutions. This is to help companies ensure streamlined operations. They identify technology-related needs, organize data, and implement better ways to use resources.

Annual average salary:  ₱475,380

4. Database Support Personnel

Database support personnel work with database management systems software and ensure that data are secure and organized. They set up databases and test their performance, accuracy, and reliability. They also team up with systems analysts and programs to come up with the best method of storing and managing data.

Annual average salary:  ₱578,957

5. Business Analyst

Business analysts identify the IT needs of a business. They also recommend and implement systems and programs that could help boost the company’s efficiency and achieve their goals. In addition, they exhibit their skills and knowledge in IT and business to process data and produce viable business solutions.

Annual average salary:  ₱512,295

team of business analysts graduate of information systems

6. Network Administrator

Network administrators are tasked with maintaining, managing, and integrating network solutions. They ensure that network segment, internet, wide area network (WAN), intranet, and local area network (LAN) systems work efficiently. Moreover, they install network hardware and train others on how to use it.

Annual average salary: ₱309,040

7. Information Security Analyst

Information security analysts are responsible for ensuring that the organization’s data and systems are secure. They identify potential cyber threats, such as viruses, malware, and hackers; investigate security breaches; develop security programs; and install defense systems.

Annual average salary: ₱571,589

8. Computer Support Specialist

Computer support specialists are the ones who help users troubleshoot software and hardware problems. They also provide solutions and diagnose computer issues. Additionally, they perform regular testing and updating of existing network systems and document the company’s IT processes.

Annual average salary: ₱741,641

9. IT Consultant

Consultants give advice and strategies to those who want to use information technology effectively. They are external analysts who study the organization’s IT infrastructures, then design a strategic plan and make recommendations on how to improve the system.

Annual average salary: ₱597,852

10. Computer Network Architect

Computer network architects are another sought-after information systems jobs. They design and codify data to build communication networks, such as local area networks (LANs), wide area networks (WANs), and intranets. Also, they make sure that the company’s information and website are intuitive.

Annual average salary: ₱900,000

Alternative Information Systems Jobs

  • UX researcher
  • Market research analyst
  • IT sales professional
  • Librarian
  • Teacher
  • Quality assurance specialist
  • Research and development specialist
  • Web designer
  • Product manager
  • Technical writer

Be a Catalyst for Change with CIIT’s BS Information Systems

Securing information systems jobs is within reach when you have what it takes to pursue your chosen career path. As previously mentioned, preparation is crucial to achieving your goals. Because of that, being part of a creative and innovative college community can help you hone your skills.

With CIIT’s BSIS, you’ll be equipped to excel in any information systems jobs that you choose. This is because, with our program, you won’t just be knowledgeable with the fundamentals of business and ICT; you’ll also learn theoretical concepts from our instructors, who are also industry practitioners. These lessons can be applied in different industries. Furthermore, it gives you a competitive edge and opens more job opportunities when you master such areas of expertise.

Let our thought leaders assist you in finding a good balance of creativity, logic, the arts, and technology. Be a CIITzen, and together, let’s weave and prepare your future career. Join our community and be an agent of change with CIIT’s information systems.

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