What is ICT Strand?

What is ICT Strand: Your Guide in Understanding ICT Curriculum

Have you ever dreamt of becoming the next James Gosling or Tim Berners-Lee? Then start reaching for your dream early with ICT strand! That said, here’s all you need to know about ICT strand:

Living in the 21st century gave each one of us a whole new level of experience. Constant progress paved the way to new ideas which made our tasks easier. With this, we can now plan and finish a task in just a single click. However, the world is changing constantly. People still seek for breakthroughs and surpass ideas that were then unimaginable. In line with this digital progress, more fields are looking for experts who can help them improve their processes. This made ICT strand as one of the top choices in senior high.

What is ICT Strand?

Information Communication and Technology or ICT Strand is one of the strands offered under Technical-Vocational Livelihood (TVL) Track of K-12 curriculum. ICT strand subjects seek to teach students concepts and skills in information technology. Under ICT curriculum, students will learn how to write programs and design websites. This will also help them hone their skills in animation and illustration which will help them thrive in the creative field. Aside from these, ICT strand will also cover telecom installation and medical transcription.

Taking ICT strand subjects is a good starting point if you want to take IT-related courses in college. Learning the basic concepts will give enrollees of ICT strand enough edge to excel. Aspiring programmers may choose to study software and network engineering. Those who want to enter jobs in the creative field may take multimedia arts, digital illustration, animation, and graphic arts. These are just some courses that await ICT students in college.

Graduates of ICT will also get a certificate from TESDA upon passing the exam. This will grant them more chances to get hired as soon as they enter the workforce. Thus, taking ICT strand in senior high school will give more students a chance to build their career in the growing field of IT.

ICT and Beyond: Careers for ICT Graduates

ICT Strand: Careers for ICT graduates

If you find coding and web designing fun, then ICT is the best career path for you. The Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) listed IT as one of the top 10 key employment generators for the years to come. This makes ICT strand jobs one of the most in-demand careers today. Aside from this, ICT jobs also offer a competitive salary. Payscale.com says that the average salary of an IT specialist can get up to PHP 461,299. Take this chance to start your career and fulfill your passion by taking ICT track. Here are some jobs that await ICT experts:

  • Data Encoder
  • Programmer
  • System Analyst
  • Web Developer
  • Game Designer
  • 3D Animator
  • Layout Artist

I’m sure you aspire to become an IT expert someday! Many industries today look for great ICT experts to improve their processes. Aside from IT fields, they are also a crucial part of marketing and sales firms. Thus, ICT graduates can work in almost any field.

Start Your Journey with CIIT Philippines

Technology became part of each one’s lives and influenced many aspects of it. Almost every one of us owns a gadget and almost every firm uses devices. We also connect and talk through media sites. This only proves that this field helped us in our daily tasks. Thus, ICT is one of the most promising careers today. Do you want to take ICT Strand in senior high?

Learn more about CIIT Senior High School programs today! CIIT is one of the best ICT Strand schools offering DepEd ICT curriculum in the country. We offer Animation and Computer Programming subjects for SHS students. These subjects will equip students’ relevant skills which they can use to become an ICT expert. For more details, you may contact us or visit CIIT Philippines Quezon City.

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