How to Start Your Career in the ICT Industry with a BSIS Degree

Local and international investors are starting to upgrade their businesses to pave the way for further technical developments in the country. Given the growing popularity of information-based products and services, the daily creation of new applications, and the potential integration of artificial intelligence (AI) with sensory technologies, one might expect significant changes in the not-too-distant future. 

Today’s consumers always want their purchases and payment options to be individualized, which makes e-commerce quite popular. Thanks to technology, there will always be opportunities as long as there are people and businesses. In the Philippines, which is known as the Fastest Growing Smartphone Market in ASEAN, this is particularly true. So how can you take advantage of these opportunities with an Information System degree?

What can you do with an Information Systems degree?

Information Systems is a course that combines core business knowledge and technical skills, grounded on information processing and data analysis. Not only will it enable you to have the technical know-how, but it also gives you the freedom to apply these skills as an entrepreneur, leader, or business manager.

Imagine a career where you have the skills for software development, database systems, cybersecurity, and web and mobile applications while also having the business acumen and skills for management. You can join a tech startup or create your own, get employed by top tech companies like Google, Facebook, or Microsoft, and work in the government to further its technological development. Essentially, you will be the one to create technical solutions for business problems and improve efficiency through data analysis.

The Philippines’ ICT industry is growing

better information systems in the philippines

Information technology has become increasingly essential in the digital era. Without the right infrastructure, the country will continue to lag behind its neighbors in terms of exploring digital opportunities for businesses and other activities that can power the economy. The ICT industry has sped up economic expansion on a worldwide scale and raised living standards for people everywhere and introduced new methods for generating income for people.

Just take for example the contribution of the Business Process Outsourcing industry in the country. The BPO industry alone has contributed $29.1 billion worth of revenue for the first half of 2022. Still, limitations in our digital infrastructure remain. Thailand and Vietnam, for example, have 52,483 and 90,000 telco towers respectively while the country only has an underwhelming 17,850. 

In retrospect, due to the pandemic, we’ve seen the digital transformation of our country speed up with the increased use of digital wallets and online banking. While other traditional services continue to transition digitally such as doctor consultations, grocery shopping, and even government services.

How to Kickstart your Career in the ICT industry

The importance of the much-needed update on the country’s ICT industry is obvious. But how exactly can we get there and how can you help achieve it?

1. List down your interests

better information systems in the philippines

Are you inclined to help transform the government through digitalization? Having technical skills and the ability to negotiate with service providers can help speed this process up. 

This year, the Philippine government has expressed its intention to follow through with the previous administration’s digital transformation program. Under this, local governments will be transformed into smart cities, cloud data centers will be created, and data privacy protection and cybersecurity solutions will be improved. Improving mobile and internet services will also be done through a national broadband plan. 

Are you more of a business-minded person and want to create your own tech startup? With an increasingly tech-forward industry, you might want to create meaningful solutions to olden-day problems that people suffer from. Your bright idea might be the next unicorn startup to shake the world. Today, the Philippines is filled with young tech entrepreneurs who founded different startups in various industries.

2. Learn how to network  

better information systems in the philippines

No man is an island. Sure, you can start from scratch or you might be the type to handle things yourself but having great networking skills can help you land investors or a great opportunity at a company. With the country-wide push towards innovation, more people are interested in innovation and entrepreneurship. These people are as eager as you to create solutions and fix problems–they might just be looking for the right people to help them.

3. Develop your skills

better information systems in the philippines

According to the Philippine Institute for Development Studies, thirty-one percent of Filipinos do not take up digital and online-related work because of a gap in digital and technological skills. That’s a clear opportunity for people who have the technical skillset to take jobs that are higher-paying compared to non-tech-related entry-level work.

To increase your chances of landing more lucrative job offers in a consistently evolving industry, always take the time to improve your skills. The Department of Information Communications Technology in the Philippines has already expressed its efforts in urging technological advancement through educational programs and initiatives but you can start by yourself with the trove of information and guides the internet has to offer.

Ready to start a great career in the ICT industry?

better information systems in the philippines

Having the right skills and know-how can unlock many great opportunities in the ICT industry. You can improve businesses, boost the economy, and help many people become more digitally forward. 

To make this happen, you’ll need the help of the best teachers and instructors. At CIIT, you can equip yourself with the latest tech knowledge and business acumen you’ll need to create an impact-driven career that guarantees business growth for your future employers and the country. 

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