How to Prepare for Online College Entrance Exam

How to Prepare for Online College Entrance Exam

How to prepare for the online college entrance exam?

  1. Manage time effectively
  2. Review the basic subjects
  3. Engage in practice tests
  4. Seek guidance and support
  5. Prioritize your well-being


  • By understanding how to prepare effectively, you can become an active participant in your learning, mastering the material and approaching the exam with confidence.
  • Reviewing the basic subjects and engaging in practice tests will help you create a study plan.
  • CIIT understands the confusion of looking for the right college and we’re here to help you make an informed decision.

As a student entering college, familiarizing yourself with strategies for your online college admission exam is advantageous. Understanding effective preparation methods allows you to take charge of your learning and approach the exam with confidence.

In this article, we will explore ways how to prepare for online college entrance exams to provide you with the important basic methods necessary to excel.

Manage Time Effectively

Effectively managing your time is important for acing your online college entrance exam for two main reasons.

First, it allows you to cover all the necessary study materials comprehensively. By creating a structured study schedule and sticking to it, you can guarantee that you dedicate sufficient time to each subject and topic. This hinders any last-minute cramming that can lead to information overload and may hinder your performance.

Second, effective time management equips you with the essential skill of pacing yourself during the actual exam. When you simulate tests and mock exams, you develop the ability to allocate appropriate time to different sections and questions. It can prevent you from getting stuck on any one question and missing out on others. This way, you can attempt all the questions within the specific timeframe and maximize your score.

Review the Basic Subjects

Review the Basic Subjects

Basic subjects like Math, Science, and English form the building blocks for many higher-level courses you’ll encounter in college. Having a strong grasp of these topics will provide you with a solid foundation for future academic success.

Entrance exams often assess your fundamental understanding of these core subjects. When you thoroughly review basic Math, Science, and English concepts, you’ll be better equipped to tackle the various question types that may appear on the exams. This can significantly boost your confidence and test-taking ability.

That’s why it’s important to make time to review these subjects. This allows you to identify areas where you may need extra practice. By pinpointing your weaknesses early on, you can dedicate more focused study time to those areas. This ensures that you approach the exam feeling well-prepared.

Engage in Practice Tests

Practice tests familiarize you with exam format and question style that closely resemble the actual exams. You may already be familiar with multiple choice, matching type, and true/false, but there’s something about test taking that gets to a lot of students.

Practice tests can help reduce anxiety and allow you to approach the actual exam with a sense of calm and familiarity. Imagine walking into the exam feeling like you’ve already seen the types of questions and how they are structured, giving you a mental edge.

This will also allow you to assess your comprehension of the material and identify your strengths and weaknesses. By analyzing your performance on practice tests, you can pinpoint areas requiring further study and tailor your preparation accordingly. The targeted approach guarantees you spend your valuable study time productively.

To leverage online practice effectively, seek resources from reputable organizations or platforms aligned with your specific entrance exam. Aim to stimulate the real exam environment by setting a timer and mimicking test-day conditions. Analyze your performance after each test, identify areas for improvement, and revisit relevant study materials to solidify your understanding.

Seek Guidance and Support

Seek Guidance and Support

Connecting with teachers, counselors, or tutors is a smart move for personalized guidance in your studies. They can help clarify tough concepts, fill in knowledge gaps, and share effective study methods.

On the other hand, for those who want support from peers and other students their age, online forums and study groups offer a space for collaborative learning. Here, you can exchange study materials, tips, and strategies. This mutual support keeps you focused and accountable.

Remember: seeking guidance is not just about academics; it’s also about emotional support. Handling exam stress is easier with a supportive network. Talking to mentors, teachers, or friends provides encouragement and stress-management techniques for a calm and prepared exam approach.

Prioritize Your Well-being

Prioritizing one’s well-being is one of the most important factors but also the most neglected one. When you prioritize your well-being, it will optimize your cognitive function and mental clarity.

By getting adequate sleep, maintaining a healthy diet, and engaging in regular physical activity you can enhance your focus. You can also boost your memory and your ability to process information efficiently. This translates to better comprehension during studying and sharper thinking during the exam.

Things You Should Know About CIIT’s Online College Entrance Exam

Here at CIIT, we provide interested students with online college entrance exams that can be taken in the comfort of their homes. We’ve rounded up some important things for you to take note of, especially if you’re applying for BSIS or BSCS course.

  • To apply for admissions, a non-refundable and non-transferable fee of P500 for the admissions exam is required. This exam assesses logical and abstract reasoning, and critical thinking, and includes a drawing test for applicants to Arts programs.
  • Our test is conducted online through COAST, with access to examination links and instructions provided on the day of the exam, starting from 10:00 AM. Once the fee is settled, applicants can schedule their exam from Monday to Saturday through the Dashboard on COAST, with confirmation sent via email.
  • Rescheduling is possible but still subject to confirmation, and exam results are typically emailed within 10 business days and can be viewed on the COAST Student Dashboard.

Successful applicants can then proceed to reserve a slot for enrollment in the next academic year, securing a place in the limited slots available per school year. The reservation ensures a guaranteed enrollment slot upon acceptance into CIIT, facilitating the transition from admission to enrollment for the A.Y. 2024-2025.

Key Takeaway

Being equipped with these ways to prepare for online college entrance exams allows you to create a personalized study approach and resource allocation. By understanding these various methods available, you can tailor a study plan that aligns with your learning styles, strengths, and weaknesses. You can also maximize the effectiveness of your preparation efforts and improve your chances of achieving a score that reflects your true capability.

CIIT is here to support you! We understand that choosing the right educational path can be confusing. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions about our admissions exams or the programs we offer.

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